Discover our unique approach to transcreation, where each word is meticulously adapted to preserve the deeper meaning while capturing its intended cultural essence. Explore how our team redefines language boundaries, transforming your messages to resonate authentically in each target market.

Professional transcreation servicesProfessional transcreation services

In Western culture, white symbolises purity. In China, the use of white is perceived in a radically different way because it represents mourning. From one speaker to another, or from one culture to another, the references are not the same. While the aim of a translation is to remain as faithful as possible to the source text, transcreation takes into account the cultural and linguistic references of the audience receiving the message. Transcreation thus makes it possible to adapt a text to the audience for which it is intended, so that it is more accessible and impactful and, above all, personalised to suit different linguistic and cultural markets.

What is transcreation?

Transcreation is a word derived from the contraction of two English words: translation, meaning translation, and creation. Whereas translation remains scrupulously confined to the source text, transcreation involves focusing on the message in order to adapt it to the target market, particularly in terms of sensitivities and emotions. The transcreator uses his or her imagination and knowledge of the target audience to make the message more sellable and more personalised. Transcreation requires in-depth linguistic knowledge and solid marketing skills, but also requires knowledge of the cultural references, idioms, vocabulary used by the target audience, and so on. In practice, it’s a question of retaining the tone and style but also, and above all, the intention of the original message and adapting it to a different audience. This exercise in style is part of a commercial approach.