Graphic design

Creativity encounters accuracy in our business. Immerse yourself in a world where every visual element is meticulously crafted to reflect your essential qualities. Discover how we transform ideas into captivating designs, redefining the visual impact of your brand.

Professional, high-quality graphic design services

Swisstranslate provides high-end graphic design services such as page layout, CMS integration, logo creation and integration to enhance your brand image and attract your audience. Graphic design plays a key role in visual communication and brand building: it helps you to effectively convey a message and engage your target audience. The various graphic elements represent the whole ecosystem of your brand and therefore play a major part in your success. It is therefore essential to use a professional, high-quality service, offering you tailor-made solutions that reflect your unique identity. Swisstranslate guarantees a reliable result tailored to your needs. Good design projects a professional image, providing security and confidence.

Professional page layout services for impactful visual media

Page layout is the process of graphically arranging information content in a given space (sheet of paper, web page, brochure, etc). It must enhance the content and is essential for good visual communication. The layout must make the information easily accessible by being simple and clear, make a page pleasant to read with the harmonious and attractive presentation of information, and help achieve sales objectives by arousing the interest of consumers.


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Swisstranslate offers layout services to enhance the value of your graphic content with an elegant and striking presentation that captures the attention of your audience. Our graphic designers bring your projects to life by offering creative, tailor-made solutions that are perfectly suited to your needs. Graphic design plays a key role in marketing and advertising. Eye-catching designs can grab consumers’ attention and generate interest in you.


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A CMS is a content management system offering the ability to easily create, manage and modify a website. CMS integration is very useful for businesses because it allows them to quickly and easily develop the visibility of a brand or services on the internet. It also makes a major contribution to a company’s success by playing a key role in visual communication. CMS integration facilitates data exchange and document accessibility. The benefits of a CMS integration are numerous: it creates a collaborative working system as well as centralised administration, structures the content of a web page to optimise the user experience and capture attention. It encourages consumers to purchase, provides optimised URLs for good SEO and optimal security against piracy. Finally, CMS integration organises a brand’s web shop window by offering various functionalities. Swisstranslate offers CMS integration services to optimise your visual impact. We work exclusively with a team of experienced graphic designers who have mastered the art of composition at their fingertips to offer you aesthetic and effective graphic support. For over 10 years, we’ve been committed to helping all our customers with their visual and written projects, guaranteeing a professional and polished rendering.


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Create a unique and memorable logo for your company

A logo is a symbol made up of text and images that represent a particular company. A good logo makes it possible to understand at a glance what a company’s purpose and values are. A slick, logo is vital to your visual projects and the construction of your company’s visual identity. A unique and memorable logo brings many benefits. It enables you to arouse the interest of your target audience, stand out from your competitors, summarise essential information about your business, unite all your consumers, give your company credibility and get your brand noticed. This allows you to be recognised and remembered by your customers. Swisstranslate can work with you to create and integrate your logos, guaranteeing a high-quality, well-executed rendering. We provide you with a skilled graphic designer, capable of producing attractive and harmonious graphic designs for you, in line with your projects on the basis of your source files, in order to optimise the visual impact of your creations. We will translate, adapt and integrate your logo into your project to ensure quality, both visually and in translation. Put your trust in our team of experienced graphic designers.


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