Healthcare From medical documents to patient communications, we translate with clarity and unrivalled rigour.

Translation agency for the medical sector

The medical field is one of the most complex to deal with, both locally and internationally. It encompasses a wide range of professions, specificities and extremely precise terms that need to be understood to convey information accurately. Swisstranslate is a language agency specialising in the medical sector: for almost 10 years, we have been translating your projects into over 100 languages, with accuracy and excellence as our watchwords.

The challenges of medical translation

The health sector is demanding, and for good reason. Certain medical specialities are constantly on the lookout for professionals, because their training is sometimes long and, above all, difficult to access: general medicine, surgery and pharmacy are the main areas concerned. Medical advances are ongoing and require adaptation to new technologies, in-depth knowledge of the sector and the terminology (names, tools, etc.), total familiarity with standards in different countries, and so on. It is therefore essential that a translation retains the same meaning in all languages.

At Swisstranslate, we make a point of ensuring that our translation services are carried out by true professionals. As well as being native speakers of your target language (English, Spanish, Italian, German, etc.), they have extensive experience in the medical sector and know how to adapt your message to suit your audience, your specialism, and content. Your message remains coherent and precise from A to Z.

Our team works to ensure that your documents are secure throughout the project, processing them exclusively using our secure management tool, hosted in Switzerland. Your data will of course be deleted at the end of the translation, and we will sign a confidentiality agreement.


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Our translation services for the medical sector

Since 2015, Swisstranslate has attached the utmost importance to its language projects. From translation to copywriting to interpreting, we are committed to offering you premium, tailor-made services that are always adapted to your company’s needs.

  • Translation of medical documents: our team of language specialists can translate all your medical documents (medical records, clinical study reports, scientific articles, informed consents, package inserts, pharmaceutical products, etc).
  • Translation of internal and external communications: for reliable and transparent communication, Swisstranslate offers multilingual translations of your content intended for your customers or to be shared within your company.
  • Translation of regulatory and legal documents: for all your official documents, whether they require certification or not, benefit from quality translations (certified or otherwise), produced by experts in the medical field.
  • Revision and correction by specialist healthcare translators: our language experts will proofread and correct your content, ensuring accuracy and quality.
  • Interpreting: entrust us with your interpreting projects (medical conferences, meetings, etc.).
  • Copywriting: we are experts in writing medical content, whether for websites, newsletters, or blog articles.
  • Audiovisual: addition of subtitles, page layout, etc. by our experienced graphic designers.


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A translation agency specialising in the medical field

Swisstranslate is committed to offering its customers Swiss excellence. Established in Geneva, Zurich and Paris since 2015, our team is made up of more than 3,000 language professionals in over 100 languages (translators, copywriters, interpreters, etc.). We adapt to your needs and respond quickly to your most urgent projects.

Our experts are true specialists, both in your target language and in the fastidious medical sector. They all follow a strict translation protocol, designed to ensure that your content is impeccably reliable and consistent. Their commitment? To convey your message perfectly so that it retains its full meaning.

At Swisstranslate, the confidentiality of your documents is an essential part of our service. We handle your information with the utmost care in-house, using our secure management tool, and store it in Switzerland for optimum protection. In addition, we sign a confidentiality agreement (NDA) to reinforce this protection.


The importance of accurate translations in the healthcare industry

Switzerland is indeed a haven of health thanks to its first-rate healthcare system, its world-renowned medical institutions, such as the World Health Organization (WHO), based in Geneva, and its cutting-edge medical research (Roche and Novartis are based in Basel).

Because of its high standards, the medical sector demands surgical accuracy in every communication. In order to address all healthcare stakeholders reliably, and therefore avoid serious and damaging errors (even putting human lives at risk), it is essential to opt for an accurate and precise translation.

When you place your trust in Swisstranslate, you are guaranteed the services of our team of translators and healthcare experts. They work or have worked in the sector, and are perfectly familiar with the regulations and the appropriate terms to use. So you receive a translation that’s precise and tailored to your audience.

Welche Dokumente der Technikbranche erfordern eine Fachübersetzung?
Some medical documents require specialist translation to avoid potential risk to your business. These include medical records, clinical study reports, scientific articles, informed consents, research reports, medicine leaflets, etc. But the list doesn’t end there: don’t hesitate to contact us to find out more.
Whether you’re a professional or an individual, we understand the importance of high-quality medical translations. That’s why we have put in place strict security measures: your documents are processed in-house by our team, managed using an entirely confidential platform, and deleted at the end of your project. We don’t store anything, your data remains yours. We also sign a confidentiality clause designed to protect not only your project, but also your patients’ information and records. Finally, all the data in the file is hosted in Switzerland using highly secure tools.
The length of time it takes to translate a clinical study varies depending on the source language, the target language, the complexity of your report, the number of pages and the delivery deadline. At Swisstranslate, we do our utmost to get your document to you as quickly as possible, without ever compromising the quality of your translation.
Our language agency only works with translators who are native speakers of the target language and experts in the field of healthcare: this is what makes our translations excellent. They have solid professional experience in the medical, scientific and pharmaceutical sectors, and can put their skills and knowledge to work on your project. Their translations are optimised, use the appropriate terminology, and are tailored to your specific needs.
It is important to check that the agency has a good command of both the source and target languages, that it has real expertise in the medical field (which is known to be complex and fastidious), that it delivers its projects on time, that the translators are experienced professionals, and that the customer reviews are positive… Swisstranslate meets all these criteria: contact us to discuss your project.