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Translation agency in the education sector


More than ever, the education sector transcends borders. Whether it’s to make a course more accessible, promote exchanges between schools around the world, facilitate the transmission of various media or promote a diploma abroad, it’s vital to have the best possible translation. Translation, copywriting, interpreting… Swisstranslate is your preferred language agency: we are experts in the field of education and know how to convey your message with expertise, in the language of your choice.

Teachers, students, trainers, communication officers, employees undergoing professional retraining… The education sector is aimed at a large number of people, from different backgrounds and cultures, and all of whom need to be addressed using the correct vocabulary, so that they can understand your message. It is also necessary to adapt to new information and communication technologies (ICT), which are increasingly being developed in the sector.

Rely on Swisstranslate for an accurate translation: our language experts in the education sector translate only into their mother tongue – your target language. Switzerland is home to some of the world’s leading universities, including EPFL, the Lausanne and Geneva hotel schools and HEG. Our teams keep a close eye on developments in the sector, to provide you with the best possible support.

Our priority: your satisfaction. We make it a point of honour to maintain the confidentiality of your data. They are stored in Switzerland and processed solely by our team using our secure management tool. Once your project has been finalised, we undertake to delete your documents, to ensure optimum confidentiality.

In addition, a confidentiality agreement is signed for each project (NDA).


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Our translation services for the education sector

Since 2015, Swisstranslate has been committed to helping its customers with all their translation needs. Whether they’re based in Switzerland or elsewhere, we work with them to create tailor-made language solutions, delivered by native speakers who are experts in their field. The education sector is no exception:

  • Document translation: we translate communication materials, administrative documents, diplomas, transcripts, textbooks and syllabuses, e-learning platforms and so on.
  • Translation of internal and external communications: the education sector requires a great deal of communication between several parties, both within and outside your company. We can translate all your internal and external communications for you.
  • Translation of regulatory and legal documents: to ensure that your regulatory and legal documents are translated accurately, Swisstranslate relies on the skills of its legal and education specialists. If required, we can provide you with certified translations.
  • Course translation: we are aware that lessons given to pupils or students (in schools, universities, etc.) require accurate and specific adaptations for the target language. Our team translates your courses reliably to ensure a perfect understanding, whatever the educational establishment (business school, language school, watchmaking school, etc.).
  • Revision and correction by translators specialising in education: if your language project requires proofreading or correction, our experts will put their skills at your service.
  • Interpreting for the education sector: we can provide you with high-quality interpreting tailored to your needs and events (meetings, courses, presentations, etc.) and can work at your establishment, as we did for IMD Lausanne, for example.


The advantages of Swisstranslate for translations in education

At Swisstranslate, we make it a point of honour to handle your project with enthusiasm. Since 2015, we have been based in Geneva, Zurich and Paris and offer our customers specialised language services in the field of education. With 3,000 native translators in over 100 languages, we can meet all your requirements.

Your project becomes our project: we give it our full attention and work hard to deliver the translation it deserves. Our language professionals, who are experts both in the field of education and in your target language, will take care of translating your content. Whether your field is scientific, historical or legal, they use the correct terminology and follow a rigorous quality process.

Whether your translation is urgent or not, we are committed to meeting the delivery deadline agreed together at the start of the project. Your documents are treated with absolute confidentiality, managed via our secure management software and deleted once the translation is complete. Trust in Swiss quality.


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Why is accuracy crucial in educational translation?

The education sector is a major international player, with daily exchanges of information (courses, presentations, teaching documents, manuals, etc.). It is therefore essential to have accurate translations. There is a great risk of getting the message wrong, given the wide variety of activity and vocabulary used in the sector.

Swisstranslate translation agency is staffed by true language professionals with expertise in both education and your target language (English, Spanish, German, Chinese and many more). They are responsive and able to produce quality translations using the appropriate vocabulary.

What documents require specialised translation in the field of education?
School textbooks, diplomas, transcripts, administrative documents, placement reports, evaluation reports, Bachelor’s or Master’s courses… Because the field of education is so diverse, many types of document require specialised translation. Swisstranslate can translate your project for you: please contact us.
We take great care to apply rigorous measures to guarantee the confidentiality of your documents: we use secure software to manage your data (only in-house, no-one else has access to it), we host it in Switzerland, we delete your project once it has been delivered, and we also sign a confidentiality agreement (NDA). Your satisfaction is our priority.
The time required to translate a teacher’s lesson varies according to the complexity of the text, its length, the subject matter, the source and target languages and the desired delivery time (urgent, express, standard). At Swisstranslate, we are committed to meeting the agreed deadline from the outset. There are no nasty surprises.
Our translation agency only works with the best linguists. Our team is made up of over 3,000 translators, many of whom are education professionals: they know the sector inside out, whether it’s the target audience, the vocabulary, or the subtleties of the language. The result is a reliable, expert translation.
A translation agency for the education sector must have a thorough understanding of the field (the different professions, the regulations and standards), expertise in and compliance with the source and target languages, respect for delivery deadlines, and so on. Swisstranslate is a professional agency capable of handling all your language projects.