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The importance of professional translation

In a globalised world where intercultural exchange has become commonplace, professional translation is of crucial importance. Swisstranslate is a trusted provider of top-quality language services. As a translation agency, we cater for the varied needs of businesses, organisations and individuals, whether for straightforward or certified translations. Our team of translation experts, including sworn translators, excel at translating specialist documents with a multilingual approach. We understand the strategic importance of localisation for international businesses and are committed to providing translation services tailored to your needs. At Swisstranslate, translation is not just language conversion, it is a guarantee of deep and accurate understanding. Our reputation is built on our expertise, commitment to quality and ISO certification, making us the ideal choice for anyone looking for a professional translation. Explore our full range of translation services and discover how Swisstranslate can be an asset to your success in an interconnected world.

Qualified translators for quality contentSwisstranslate has more than3,000 language experts who can put their skills to work on your project. Thanks to this large team, we are able to offer you services in over 100 different languages, from the most widely used to the least common. To ensure that your content is captivating and impactful, Swisstranslate’s professional translators hold certifications, have experience in your industry and undergo regular training. In addition to their in-depth linguistic expertise, our translators are proficient in the specialised vocabulary of your sector.

As an ISO 9001 & 17100 certified translation agency, we are committed to maintaining the highest standards of quality and professionalism. Our team of translation experts is carefully selected to ensure high levels of language skills and in-depth knowledge of specialist areas. This wide-ranging expertise enables us to provide specialist translation services to meet the specific needs of individuals and businesses in a wide range of sectors.

Our reputation, built on years of excellence, is testament to our commitment to accuracy, confidentiality and on-time delivery. At Swisstranslate, every project is an opportunity to demonstrate our expertise and dedication to excellence, making us the preferred choice for those seeking quality translations. Translation services tailored to your needsSwisstranslate offers a comprehensive range of translation services to meet all your language needs.

Among our offerings, you will of course find simple translation, i.e. a straightforward translation of your document. As a translation agency, we also offer official translation services, which include:

– translation certified by a sworn translator.

– translation certified by an agency.

– translation certified by a notary.

Each type of translation is carefully tailored to meet specific requirements, offering flexible solutions for companies, individuals and institutions.

Swisstranslate’s official translation is ideal for legal documents, such as contracts, notarial deeds and certificates. Our sworn translators, accredited by the relevant authorities, guarantee the accuracy and legal acceptance of each translation. Agency-certified translation is a preferred option for projects requiring a stamp to prove that an external agency has carried out the translation, in complete impartiality. For more routine requirements, our simple translation service offers a quick and efficient solution. Every type of translation at Swisstranslate benefits from our commitment to accuracy and linguistic quality.


The specific benefits of each service lie in our tailored approach. Professional translation at the heart of our expertise. The translation process at Swisstranslate is designed to ensure exceptional quality, unrivalled accuracy and cutting-edge linguistic expertise. Here’s an overview of our approach, outlining our key commitments:

Thorough assessment: Thorough upstream analysis of the documents for translation to understand the context, nuance and specific requirements.

– Requesting reference documents and glossaries.

– Rigorous selection of translator(s) Assigning projects to one of our qualified teams who specialise in the subject area.

Translation: our experts translate your document or project with the aim of fully meeting your expectations.

Revision and quality control: Systematic in-house quality control to guarantee linguistic accuracy and compliance with standards and revision by another team of experts depending on the option chosen.

Delivery: The project is delivered according to your request by post, email or we make them available directly at our agency.

Return process: Swisstranslate teams remain available after delivery to make changes to your project according to your preferences, at no extra cost.

Our team of qualified and specialised translators is the backbone of our commitment to high-quality translations. Each of our translators is carefully selected on the basis of their expertise in a specific field, ensuring a thorough understanding of the content to be translated.

Close collaboration between our experienced translators, copy editors and project managers ensures a collaborative approach which aims for excellence. By fostering transparent communication within our team, we ensure that each project benefits from the collective expertise of our linguists, leading to quality translations that meet our clients’ highest expectations.


At Swisstranslate, our translation process ensures quality and professionalism every step of the way. Swisstranslate offers a range of complementary services, including proofreading and editing, to enhance your translation experience. These services ensure optimal quality and linguistic consistency by allowing for thorough evaluation, careful correction and contextual enhancement of each translation. Proofreading enhances accuracy while editing ensures compliance with standards. With these services, Swisstranslate goes beyond translation, offering complete language solutions to meet your specific needs.


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