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Discover our audiovisual expertise where sound and image become a powerful narrative. Discover how our team fuses audio and video to create immersive, captivating and memorable experiences, bringing your project to life in a memorable way.

The leading agency for high-quality audiovisual services

In an increasingly connected and multilingual world, audiovisual is indispensable. Swisstranslate is your trusted partner for tailor-made audiovisual services. Our experienced linguists ensure an accurate and faithful adaptation of your content. For almost 10 years, we’ve been working with our customers on their language projects, creating tailor-made solutions for their needs. To do this, we offer a range of services:

  • Voice dubbing for films, cinematographic works, radio commercials, video games, trailers…
  • Subtitling for series, documentaries, TV news, video games, cinematographic works, interviews…
  • Voice-over for films and series, audiovisual commercials and promotional videos, cartoons, audio books, video games, corporate or educational videos, documentaries, virtual assistants and interactive applications.

We also offer retranscription services for your audiovisual content, as well as high-quality translation services thanks to our specialist language experts.

Professional voice dubbing for your audiovisual projects

Voice dubbingreplaces the original language used in the filming of an audiovisual work (film, series, etc.) with another language – the language spoken by the population to whom the work in question is broadcast. For optimum results, the voice of the dubbing artist must match the key characteristics of the original actor (gender, age, background). The two voices must therefore sound similar. The dubber’s voice must also be in sync with the dubbed actor’s lip movement (known as labial synchronisation).The dubbing stages include script preparation, adaptation (translation), selection of voice talent according to voice criteria, studio recording, and finally final editing.


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Precise subtitling for effective multilingual broadcasting

Subtitling consists of text corresponding to the words heard (or the translation of the words heard), being displayed at the bottom of the image when a programme is broadcast. When translating subtitles, the linguist must demonstrate a certain concision and great clarity to comply with the “rules” of subtitling. The text must be easy to read and fluid for the viewer. The translation as a whole must also be faithful to the original work, remaining consistent and respecting the meaning. Subtitles are also subject to constraints such as reading time, display time, and visual breakdown.The steps in the subtitling process include spotting with a time code, transcription, translation, synchronisation of the subtitles with the spoken dialogue and finally simulation to check the overall consistency.


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Enthralling voiceovers for your corporate and advertising videos

Voiceovers involve using the voice of a character who is not seen on screen during the course of a shot, sequence or scene. It is therefore located off-screen. Its purpose is to facilitate the audience’s understanding or to get a message across. The voiceover can be used as a drive narrative, explain or correct. It can be used to clarify a point, guide the discourse, provide additional information, explain an emotion or feeling, describe the context, or challenge a specific aspect. The voice-over must be measured and appropriate. It must fit naturally into the context in which it is used, with controlled intonations and perfect diction.The voiceover process follows key stages: script preparation, selection of vocal talent based on voice criteria, studio recording and finally final editing.


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Accurate transcription of your audio and video content

Transcription simply involves writing down, the content of an audio or video recording. Transcription therefore allows you to benefit from a written trace of words heard. It can be a full transcription, focusing on content as much as form (how it was said), uncluttered (focused on content), or synthetic.As well as requiring perfect linguistic skills, transcription requires rigour, concentration and patience. The transcriber must have a high level of oral comprehension: there must be no omissions and no additions.


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Advantages and added value of Swisstranslate’s audio and video services

Generally speaking, our audiovisual services offers you 3 advantages:

  • The international distribution of your audiovisual work by making it accessible to non-speakers of the original language.
  • Accessibility for a restricted audience, such as the deaf and hard of hearing.
  • Localisation and adaptation to the culture of the target audience, as well as fidelity to the original work, with respect for the dialogue and atmosphere and a perfect rendition of the message and emotions.


Work process and commitment to quality

Swisstranslate is made up solely of experienced professionals. Thanks to our team, we can offer you services in over 100 languages, from common to less common languages. Our linguists guarantee you a high-quality result, particularly thanks to the accurate transcription of dialogue and text, while ensuring accurate synchronisation with the image. As a leading translation and interpreting agency, Swisstranslate has no fewer than 3,000 language experts in its teams, guaranteeing you a professional, high-quality translation of the original script.What’s more, being ISO 17100 certified, we guarantee top-quality translation services to meet your most demanding language needs.