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Translation agency in the aviation sector

Civil aviation, military aviation, space aviation… The aviation sector extends to the four corners of the world and encompasses many interrelated professions. Accurate translation is therefore essential to ensure that your messages are properly understood internationally. Put your trust in Swisstranslate: our language agency based in Geneva, Zurich and Paris specialises in the aviation industry. We put our skills at your disposal.

Specialised translation in the aviation industry: what are the challenges?

The United States, Spain, Canada, Brazil, South Korea, France, China, Japan… Today, a large number of countries have cutting-edge aviation industries. You need to be able to adapt, not only to the specific characteristics of each language, but also perfect the vocabulary of this highly technical field.

Only a professional translation agency can translate your documents with the accuracy they deserve. At Swisstranslate, we have real experts to take care of your needs: they are native speakers of your target language, bilingual in your source language and know the aviation sector inside out. They convey your message using the right terminology and in compliance with industry standards (of which there are many!)

We make it a point of honour to keep all your information confidential. Your data is stored in Switzerland and processed exclusively by the Swisstranslate team, using a secure management tool. It is then deleted at the end of the project. If you wish, we can also sign a confidentiality agreement (NDA). Your satisfaction is our priority!


I need a translation in the aviation sector


Our translation services for the aviation sector


Swisstranslate has been helping its clients with all their translation projects for almost 10 years. Aviation manufacturers, spare parts suppliers, regulatory bodies… Your business is highly specific and deserves the finest language services. That’s why we offer you top-of-the-range services tailored to your objectives:

  • Translating documents in the aviation sector: user manuals, product brochures and catalogues, diagnostic and repair reports, sales contracts, safety data sheets, specifications, etc. Our language experts translate your documents so that they are clear;
  • Translating internal and external communications: good communication (within your company or with your service providers) is key to ensuring that all stakeholders share the same quality of information. Our team guarantees an accurate translation of all your content, whether internal or external;
  • Translating regulatory and legal documents: because the aviation sector adheres to numerous rules that need to be adapted to suit different countries, it is essential to use specialist translators for your legal documents. Swisstranslate can take care of this for you, and provide sworn translations if required;
  • Revision and correction by translators specialising in aviation: we are an agency made up of language experts capable of proofreading and correcting your content in the aviation industry. You can rely on us for a quality service;
  • Interpreting for the aviation sector: at Swisstranslate, we cover all types of interpreting (consecutive, relay, simultaneous, etc). Call on our professional interpreters;
  • Copywriting: do you need copywriting (for a website, newsletter, blog articles, etc)? Leave your texts to our multilingual copywriters, experts in the aviation sector.


A qualified aviation translation agency


Why work with Swisstranslate, our language agency in Geneva, Zurich and Paris? Because since 2015, we’ve had the same guiding principle: excellence. With 3,000 translators worldwide, we offer our customers services of the highest quality.

All our professional translators follow a strict protocol that combines accuracy, reliability and transparency. The aviation sector is their speciality: they are able to convey your message perfectly in your source and target (their mother tongue) languages, and to adapt to the target audience they are addressing. Your communication is fluid and compliant with current standards.

Even your most urgent requirements are guaranteed to be faultless: give us your deadline and we’ll deliver your project on time. We then delete your data so that it remains secure and confidential. That’s Swisstranslate quality.


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Why is accuracy crucial in aviation translation?

The aviation sector is full of technical terms, specific standards and regulations, especially at an international level. It is essential to know how to address your contacts using the right terminology – in such a technical industry, a translation error can have catastrophic consequences (in legal, commercial, marketing or security terms).

At Swisstranslate, we understand the challenges you face. Our agency is made up of professional translators who fully understand the aviation industry’s specific terminology. You can be sure of an accurate translation that retains the meaning of your original document.

Welche Dokumente der Technikbranche erfordern eine Fachübersetzung?
There are a multitude of documents in the aviation sector: international contracts and agreements, flight and maintenance manuals, safety reports, accurate technical data sheets, etc. Of course, this list is not exhaustive – it depends on the country and the company etc.
At Swisstranslate, we place security at the height of our responsabilities. To achieve this, we have introduced a number of measures: your data is stored with us in Switzerland and managed solely by our team, using a specialised management tool. They are then deleted at the end of the assignment. It is also possible to draw up a confidentiality agreement (NDA).
The translation of a user manual in the aviation sector will depend on a number of factors: the length and complexity of the text, the source and target languages, the desired deadlines etc. Thanks to our 3,000 translators around the world, you can ask us for an express translation ( delivered within two working days).
At Swisstranslate, we know just how rigorous and accurate the aviation sector can be. We only work with genuine experts who understand the nuts and bolts, the terminology and the regulations (in both your target language and source languages). You benefit from reliable translations that correctly convey the meaning of your message.
A professional language agency must meet a number of criteria: in-depth expertise in the aviation industry, in-depth knowledge of the culture of the source and target languages (so that the right vocabulary can be incorporated into the translations), on-time delivery, and so on. For 10 years now, Swisstranslate has been an agency recognised for the consistency and quality of its services.