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Today, providing content in several foreign languages is considered essential to a company's success. Working with international contacts, opening up to other cultures and audiences, gaining a better understanding of the cultural context of the target country, enhancing your brand image or boosting your company's profile: the challenges of multilingualism are varied and the benefits are numerous. Linguistic diversity is intrinsically linked to the globalisation we are experiencing. That's why Swisstranslate offers you bespoke language solutions, perfectly adapted to your needs. Discover the wide range of services we offer, and put your trust in us for excellent, prompt and reliable work.

Specialised, accurate translation for all your multilingual needs

Swisstranslate is your benchmark translation agency. Our teams of linguists use specialist software and tools, as well as their knowledge of the source and target languages, to produce high-quality services. We can handle your entire translation project in over 100 languages. The Swisstranslate teams are fully qualified: firstly, they have solid experience in translation, with impeccable language skills. Native speakers of your target language, our language experts have a perfect command of the language and understand all the linguistic mechanics involved in capturing the meaning and nuance of your text. Our professionals are also specialists, meaning that they also have in-depth knowledge of your specific field. This means that they know your sector like the back of their hand, especially the technical concepts and specific terms. To keep abreast of the latest developments, our linguists take part in training courses to enhance their skills throughout their career.

Interpreting as a gateway to global communication

Given the globalisation of trade and commercial relations, we value the affinity of a message delivered in our own language. Many individuals and companies call on interpreting services for meetings, events, conferences, business negotiations or multilingual interactions of any kind. The interpreters work to ensure that any multilingual meeting is conducted as if everyone spoke the same language: with the language barrier removed, conversations are greatly facilitated.

Transcreation and localisation: bringing your message to a new audience

Localisation involves adapting the translated text to the geographical area for which it is intended. The area can be country-wide, regional or city-wide. In fact, the references are not the same from one person to the next. Localisation takes into account the cultural and linguistic references of the recipient of the message. The aim of localisation is to adapt a text to its intended audience, to make it more accessible and more effective, and above all to tailor it to different linguistic and cultural markets. Localisation therefore makes it possible to reach the target audience more effectively, and to make the message more impactful, while respecting the core values and identity of the brand. It is essential for companies wishing to capture new markets and benefit from international influence.

Transcreation involves focusing on the message in order to adapt it to the target market, particularly in terms of feeling and emotion. The transcreator uses his or her imagination and knowledge of the target audience to make the message more appealing and personalised.

Swisstranslate offers professional localisation and transcreation services to help you reach your international audience. Use our services to optimise your global presence, expand your business and attract the interest of your audience to increase your success.

Creative writing and marketing services for your business

Copywriting is a form of creating written content. It consists of your sales or communication pitch.For example, a presentation of your company, a description of your products or services, an article on a particular theme... Basically, your written content is an attempt to get someone to do something (influencer marketing), read an article (blog) or buy a product (sales site). So, whatever the type of text, it must be written in an attractive style, so as to tempt and arouse the interest of your readership, your audience or your customers. High-quality copywriting will ultimately enable you to increase user engagement and optimise the impact on conversions.

The stakes are therefore crucial. That's why we recommend that you call on a professional service to write your content. Swisstranslate offers you top-quality copywriting to ensure that your content is impactful and relevant. We offer you the chance to boost your online presence with texts that are optimised for search engines and make an impact on your visitors.

In addition to their in-depth linguistic expertise, our copywriters have a comprehensive command of writing techniques. They guarantee you quality content and effective communication, tailored to your needs, your sector and your products or services. They create compelling, coherent and effective texts for you.

Graphics and layout: make your translated content shine

Graphic design plays a key role in visual communication and brand reinforcement: it helps you to convey a message effectively and arouse the interest of your target audience. The various graphic elements represent the backdrop of your brand and therefore play a major role in your success. That's why it's essential to call on a professional, high-quality service, offering you a tailor-made solution that reflects your unique identity. Our graphic designers bring your graphic projects to life with creative, tailor-made solutions that are perfectly suited to your needs.


Meeting your project requirements within strict deadlines while respecting confidentiality

Swisstranslate attaches great importance to respecting the confidentiality of your data. To achieve this, we use secure software to manage your data, which is hosted in Switzerland and to which only our in-house teams have access. We will delete your project once it has been delivered and sign a confidentiality agreement (NDA). Your documents are treated with the utmost discretion. Each of our translators adheres strictly to a code of ethics, guaranteeing respect for professional secrecy. In this way, the content of the processed documents remains strictly confidential.

Moreover, Swisstranslate considers punctuality to be a fundamental value of its commitment. Once we have agreed a deadline with you in advance of the project, we are committed to meeting it, delivering your complete, flawlessly accurate project on time. Throughout your project, from initial consultation to final delivery, our team remains responsive and attentive to your every request.
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At Swisstranslate, every customer project is a mission that we strive to complete successfully. To achieve this, share the details of your proposal with us: the details of your company and your products, the languages required, your deadlines and more. In response, Swisstranslate undertakes to provide you with a free, tailor-made estimate, created according to your aspirations and constraints. When it comes to pricing, each proposal is unique. In this way, the cost is calibrated according to the specifics that you submit to us, including the timescales involved. You can be sure of our agility and promptness, from the initial quote, right through to completion. We are always ready to listen and to answer any questions you may have. Once the quote has been accepted, our entire team follows a rigorous work process:
  • Assigning a project manager and a team of linguists (translator, graphic designer, interpreter, copywriter, subtitler, dubber, proofreader, etc.) who are experienced and specialised both in your field of activity and in the type of service selected.
  • Carrying out your project, guaranteeing quality and meeting deadlines
  • Delivering your project
  • Once your project has been delivered, we remain at your disposal should you have any questions or need to make any changes. Your satisfaction is our priority!
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