Communication From advertising campaigns to internal messages, we carefully choose every word to ensure unrivalled clarity and relevance.

Translation agency in the communications sector

From marketing and advertising to public relations and the media, the communications sector is ubiquitous. Each language has its own culture, its own nuances that a translation must convey with accuracy, according to your company’s needs. Swisstranslate is the leading provider of translations in the field of communication: we offer our customers tailor-made services, carried out by highly-qualified language experts.

Today, companies in the communications sector are increasingly addressing an international audience that may not share the same culture, the same language or the same expectations. There are also different distribution channels (social networks, press releases, website, etc.) which require the message to be adapted: it will not be shared and understood in the same way. These different issues need to be taken into account for high-performance, effective translations.

At Swisstranslate, your needs are entrusted to true specialists: as native speakers, they have a perfect command of the target language and have in-depth expertise in the communications industry. From key vocabulary to regulations, standards, specific terminology and the localisation of your needs, they understand all the aspects necessary for guaranteeing a top-quality translation.

Confidentiality is the watchword of our translation agency. Your data is hosted in Switzerland and processed exclusively by our team using our secure management tool. Once the translation has been completed, we will delete your data. We also sign a confidentiality agreement (NDA) to further strengthen the security of your project.


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Our translation services for the communications sector

We want to offer you the best possible service. Swisstranslate fully understands the requirements of the communications field, enabling us to offer you accurate services that are entirely tailored to your needs:

  • Document translation: our language experts can translate a wide range of communication content: press releases and press kits, website content, marketing documents, annual reports, presentations and conference materials, newsletters, etc. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.
  • Translation of internal and external communications: Swisstranslate is your preferred partner for translating your corporate documents, whether within your company or for your service providers and/or customers.
  • Translation of regulatory and legal documents: because the communications sector crosses borders, you need to comply with the regulations of different countries. Swisstranslate provides high-quality translations of your documents, with the option of having them certified.
  • Revision and proofreading by specialist communications translators: our professional proofreaders are available to revise your project and make any necessary adjustments, ensuring that your documents are of the highest quality.
  • Interpreting for the communications sector: trust us to provide interpreting services for all your corporate events.
  • Copywriting: our language experts at Swisstranslate will write your content specifically for the communications sector.
  • Audio and video: commercials, voice-overs, dubbing… We are professionals specialising in audio and video content.

The advantages of Swisstranslate for your specialist communication translations

Since 2015, Swisstranslate has been putting its skills and expertise at your service. Our language agency in Geneva, Zurich and Paris is made up of over 3,000 language experts, all experts in their field, giving us the flexibility to respond to all types of request. You’ve got a project, we’ve got the right solution.

Mastery of the source and target languages, knowledge of the communications sector and all its sub-sectors, understanding different distribution channels, etc. Our specialists are professionals with a Master’s degree in translation, specialising in communications. They translate your documents according to a strict and rigorous processto guarantee you a quality translation. They convey your message and values with expertise.

Punctuality is a fundamental value in Swiss culture. All your translations are delivered on time, even in the most urgent situations. We treat them with absolute security and confidentiality (secure management in our software, deletion of data at the end of the project, confidentiality agreement, etc.).


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The communication sector: the importance of accurate translation

In the field of communication, a translation that lacks accuracy can have serious consequences for a company: a negative brand image, misunderstanding of the message, loss of credibility, etc.

It is therefore essential to call on language professionals for your translations in the communications sector. At Swisstranslate, as well as understanding the challenges in the field, we have the know-how to help your company shine and burnish its expertise.

Which communication documents require specialised translation?
Many documents in the field of communication require specialised translation by professionals: website content, press releases, social network posts, advertising scripts, marketing documents, conference materials, etc. We are aware that companies are communicating more through audiovisual means, which is why we can assist with the translation of your subtitles, their integration, your transcriptions, and so on. This list is non-exhaustive and will evolve according to your expectations.
We make it a point of honour to maintain the confidentiality of your data. We don’t leave anything to chance concerning resources: we store your data in Switzerland on a secure host, it is solely processed internally using our management tool, and we delete it once the project is finished… And, of course, we sign a confidentiality clause (NDA).
The translation of a press release depends on criteria such as its length, complexity, source language, target language, deadline, etc. At Swisstranslate, we inform you of the deadline at the start of the project so that there are no unpleasant surprises. And we respect it, because punctuality is our golden rule!
Translation, interpreting, copywriting… Our language agency’s teams include top-level translators with solid experience in the field of communication, as well as graphic designers to ensure the layout of your InDesign projects. They are experts in the specific terminology, regulations and culture of the target language. Your project will be precise, reliable and of the highest quality.
For excellent translations in the communications field, you need to put your trust in an agency that knows the sector inside out (regulations, legal standards, specific vocabulary, etc.), as well as the source and target languages. It must also meet deadlines and have positive reviews: projects delivered on time and to a high standard are synonymous with satisfied customers. Since 2015, Swisstranslate has been the leader in communication translation: let’s talk!