Explore the convergence of translation and technology. Dive into the world of cutting-edge technology solutions that are redefining the way we communicate on a global scale. Find out how our agency combines the art of translation with the power of technology to deliver exceptional results.

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Cutting-edge technology for fast, high-quality translations

Since 2015, Swisstranslate has been a specialist language agency committed to helping its customers with all their translation needs. In the digital age, Swisstranslate also aims to be modern and technology-driven. At Swisstranslate, the synergy between advanced technology and human expertise refines our range of translation services. We only use machine translation at the explicit request of the customer, ensuring that this approach meets your specific needs. When required, post-editing by our experts ensures that the final result of the machine translation meets the high quality standards you expect. Tools such as the Connector API and computer-assisted translation (CAT) support our experienced linguists by optimising the efficiency and consistency of our work. With digital interpreting completing our spectrum of solutions, we are committed to delivering translations of exceptional accuracy and finesse, while ensuring that your message retains its integrity and human nuance at every stage. While our translation process is enhanced by the use of cutting-edge technological tools, it is essential to stress that these technologies are used to complement and support the meticulous work of our expert linguists, without ever replacing the precious human know-how that lies at the heart of our profession.


The advantages of translation technologies: efficiency for us, quality and speed for you

At Swisstranslate, your satisfaction is our priority. Translation technologies allow our linguists to work with translation memories and glossaries. The result is a more accurate translation, because the customisation of the translation tools means that your specific requirements can be met. In keeping with your linguistic identity, our specialists are committed to scrupulously following the specific terminology used in your sector, as defined in your glossaries. They are also attentive to any specific guidelines you may provide, ensuring exemplary consistency of terminology and style.

This approach guarantees seamless consistency across all your content, with particular attention paid to recurring expressions and terms. Translation memories, added thanks to computer-assisted translation (CAT) software, also make it possible to consult previous translations we have provided, and to maintain consistency between the various translations carried out, despite possible changes of linguists between different projects. The consistency, accuracy and quality of the translations we deliver are optimal, thanks to the use of advanced technologies.

Our translation tools, deployed exclusively according to our customers’ instructions, represent a strategic asset for optimising deadlines in situations where urgency is paramount. Our translators use post-editing and, only if specifically requested, machine translation to speed up delivery. However, each project remains under the tutelage of our expert team, who ensure meticulous proofreading, appropriate stylistic reformulation and meticulous control of technical aspects, guaranteeing that the essence and accuracy of your message remain intact.

Automating tasks also increases translators’ productivity, saving them time-consuming activities such as page layout and file management. Translation technologies therefore have the considerable advantage of reducing delivery times, allowing you to receive your translation on the date you require, even for the tightest deadlines.

Digital interpreting, for its part, offers a modern, agile response to the demands of instant communication. This solution eliminates time and space constraints, so our language experts don’t have to travel, for a fast, efficient service that fits seamlessly the flow of your project.

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Translation technology used by Swisstranslate

Swisstranslate uses advanced technology and automated tools to provide you with high-quality, accurate and fast translations. Here are the translation technologies we have adopted for our language services:

We invite you to get in touch with us to explore how our advanced translation technologies can work with your projects. Our aim is to offer you a tailor-made solution that combines reliability, speed and excellence.

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Linguistic and Technological Synergy

At Swisstranslate, we combine linguistic expertise with technological innovation to deliver translations of unrivalled accuracy and efficiency. Our command of machine translation tools (connector APIs, CAT and digital interpreting), which we deploy exclusively at the express request of our customers, means that our specialists can exceed expectations in terms of speed and accuracy. These advanced technologies enable us to simplify and speed up the translation process, while lightening the load of the most complex tasks for our translators. This means considerably shorter delivery times, without ever compromising on quality. For us, technology is a servant, never a substitute for the wealth of human expertise. Choose Swisstranslate, where technical innovation combines with the art of translation to meet your most demanding linguistic requirements.