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Since 2015, customers having been placing their trust in Swisstranslate, an established translation and interpreting agency. We have been putting our skills and experience at the service of our customers, be they professionals or private individuals. With our history and values, we are committed to offering high-quality solutions, adapted to every language need and project. We are your trusted partner in Switzerland.

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The history and values of Swisstranslate

Our company was founded in 2015, but our passion for languages has always existed. It all started with our two founders: both travelling and living in different countries. From Spain to England, not forgetting the United States and France, they finally landed in Switzerland. By learning languages, discovering different cultures and meeting new people, the passion and desire to satisfy our customers emerged, and still motivates us to provide you with dependable language services on a daily basis.

Our values are at the heart of our agency: they embody our commitment to excellence in every language service we provide.
  • Our people: translators who are experts in their field; a team which is dedicated to your needs, to clear and transparent communication, and to delivery on time. We make it a point of honour to establish a genuine relationship of trust with our customers. Behind every project is a team ready to meet your needs.
  • Professional: our solutions are tailored to your language challenges. Our specialists intimately understand your sector and can effectively translate your messages.
  • Expertise: languages are the very DNA of our translation and interpreting agency. Our expertise is well-established, and we constantly strive to improve and offer ever-better services.
  • Service: our customers remain our priority. With a presence in both French and German-speaking Switzerland, we travel anywhere in the country. We are always available to answer your questions and understand your requirements. Your confidence in us is a badge of honour for our agency.
  • Responsiveness: you have a concern, we have the appropriate solution. Small or large volumes, short, medium or long-term projects… Our team is there for you.

A professional team at your service

At Swisstranslate, we are proud of our team of dedicated professionals who work to provide our customers with excellent service. From first contact to delivering your document, our translation agency comprises a number of different professions to ensure that your project benefits from the best possible service at every stage.


Positive energy that spurs the whole team towards success



Agile with timelines and responsive to your needs, she will impress you with the speed with which she delivers

Team Leader Production


Her dynamism and determination make her the team’s ray of sunshine

Head of Sales Assistant


Passionate about the sartorial arts, he tailors our HR strategy with an eye for detail, accuracy, and a relentless quest for excellence

Human Ressource Manager


A digital wizard (with a sense of humour too)

Digital Marketing Manager


Quick on his feet, with a smile on his face, he’ll come up with solutions as quickly as he glides down the slopes

Account Manager


With a decade of passion for horse riding behind her, she provides continuous commitment in supporting you through your future projects

Account Manager


Permanently motivated, and with an engaging smile, he is your ideal contact for your requirements

Account Manager


Having travelled the world, he has now mastered the subtleties of the language world down to the last detail

Account Manager


Navigating account management with the same energy she puts into her cycling adventures, she achieves the highest levels of customer satisfaction

Account Manager























Yun Hua




Our agency would not be complete without our team of 3,000 language experts. They have a command of over 100 languages in 10,000 different combinations, and they can transcribe and translate your communications while retaining their meaning. They are also experts in a wide range of sectors (automotive, luxury goods, agri-business, finance, medicine, legal, technical, etc.).

Our agencies

You can also request a quote on our website: we will take charge of your translation and interpreting project and create your personalised quote in less than 30 minutes.

An ISO certified agency

An ISO standard certifies that a company complies with a set of rules and criteria defined by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). These standards are recognised worldwide as genuine proof of quality (whether for services, products or processes).

At Swisstranslate, we are an ISO-certified interpreting and translation agency: we adhere to the highest standards of excellence and are committed to providing transparent services, carried out by qualified professionals. Continuous improvement through staff training and keeping up to date with the latest technologies allows us to guarantee traceability at every stage.

We have three certifications:

ISO 9001 2015: this certification proves that our customers’ needs come first and that we deliver high quality.

ISO 17100: a guarantee of excellence for all companies specialising in translation. It covers a wide range of requirements (management, process, control, satisfaction, etc) and enables customers to ensure that the translations they receive are compliant.

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility): this certifies that we implement responsible practices in our activities in terms of the environment and society.

The advantages of our translation agency

By placing your trust in Swisstranslate, you are choosing the best for your language project: quality, bespoke service and confidentiality are the watchwords of our agency. Specialised in your field, our experts make it a point of honour to translate your message fluently into any language you need (over 100 of them!). Much more than a simple criterion to be respected, the confidentiality of your data is a golden rule that we respect fully. We store your data with secure management software in Switzerland, and only our team has access. It is then deleted at the end of the translation, and we undertake to sign a confidentiality agreement. We understand that every company has different expectations: that’s why we’re a flexible language agency, able to adapt to all your deadline challenges. Three delivery options are available: express delivery (within two working days), urgent delivery (within four working days) or standard delivery (within seven working days). Just let us know when you request a quote: it’s quick and easy. If your translation is less than two pages long, you will receive a price estimate directly from our website. If not, our team will draw up a free quote for you in less than 30 minutes.

Our customers and references

For almost 10 years, we’ve been lucky enough to handle the language projects of over 900 repeat customers. Whether you’re an individual, a small business or a large organisation, we all share the same passion for service.

Your questions about our language agency

A quality translation and interpreting agency has to meet a number of criteria. It has to: offer tailor-made services; be staffed by language professionals specialising in different fields; meet agreed deadlines without fail; ensure transparent and fluid communication; and protect customers’ sensitive data. So put your trust in Swisstranslate, an expert in languages since 2015.
Swisstranslate is a language agency specialising in a wide range of sectors: luxury goods; technical engineering; finance; legal; communications; health; energy; automotive; tourism; hotels; international organisations; education; technology; cosmetics; audiovisual; agri-business; insurance, etc. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your project.

To contact us, simply fill in the form following this link, send us an e-mail at info@swisstranslate.ch, or call us on +41 (0) 22 566 13 01 (this number is valid for our three agencies in Geneva, Zurich and Paris).

Translation, interpreting, transcreation, copywriting, layout… We offer a wide range of services in more than 100 languages: Albanian, Romanian, English, French, Spanish, Swedish, Slovenian, Persian, Korean, Finnish, Bulgarian, Japanese, Vietnamese, Thai, Turkish and more. The full list can be found on our website in the languages section.


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Discover excellence at every turn. Our responsive experts are on hand to answer to your requests in less than 30 minutes, ensuring exceptional service.

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Swisstranslate, the agency you can trust

Established in Geneva, Zurich and Paris for almost 10 years, we support our customers in all their language projects and work with them to create bespoke solutions adapted to their needs and requirements.

Translation, proofreading, post-editing, interpreting, transcreation, copywriting, audiovisual services… Our teams of 3,000 language experts put their skills to work on your project. Our mission and positioning are unique: to be ambassadors of “Made in Switzerland” quality language services. Discover our complete language solutions combining professional expertise, cultural adaptability and customer satisfaction.