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Translation agency in the energy sector

To say that the energy sector is expanding worldwide is an understatement. It’s a sector that is constantly evolving, growing steadily and facing many challenges (environmental, social, etc.) on an international scale. For reliable and transparent communication, you need an excellent translation carried out by true professionals. Swisstranslate is a language agency specialising in the energy sector: we offer quality services tailored to your company’s objectives.

Electricity, gas, nuclear… There are as many areas as there are protocols to conform to in the energy sector. The vocabulary is sophisticated, complex and highly technical, not to mention all the regulations that govern these industries internationally. They vary from country to country and must be mastered if you are to communicate effectively.

At Swisstranslate, our translations are carried out by experienced specialists in the energy sector: we are completely at ease with the regulations, standards, codes and key words in the field. As well as being native speakers of your target language, they meticulously adapt to the culture of your audience.

They also work in complete confidentiality: your information is hosted in Switzerland and only our team has access to it, via our fully secure management software. We do not keep your documents, which are deleted at the end of the project. We also sign a confidentiality agreement (NDA).



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Our translation services for the energy sector

For the past 10 years, our language agency’s aim has been to offer you services tailored to your project. That’s why our language experts specialising in the energy sector translate all your documents reliably and accurately:

  • Translating documents: environmental assessment reports, operating and maintenance manuals, research and innovation reports, safety data sheets, patents, etc. We translate all types of content, from the simplest to the most complex.
  • Translating internal and external communications: your corporate communications (whether for internal or external use) need to be properly translated by experts in the energy sector.
  • Translating regulatory and legal documents in the energy sector: it is essential to opt for an efficient and accurate translation of all your regulatory and legal documents. Put your trust in our energy language specialists.
  • Proofreading by specialist translators: need another opinion on a translation? For an even better service, our Swisstranslate experts are available to proofread and correct your documents.
  • Interpreting for the energy sector: we offer a full range of interpreting services (whispered, simultaneous, relay, etc.).


A translation agency specialising in the energy sector

Based in Geneva, Zurich and Paris for almost ten years, Swisstranslate is a language agency offering its clients specialist solutions in the energy sector. Whether it’s translation, interpreting or copywriting, our 3,000 experts are able to meet your most urgent needs while guaranteeing high-quality services.

Our language experts ensure that the translation process is accurate, transparent and reliable. Thanks to their expertise in both the energy sector and your target language, they can translate all your documents, adapting to the expectations of your audience and the intent of your text. Your communication stays fluent from start to finish.

At Swisstranslate, we understand that a quality project also means on-time delivery. We’re Swiss, and punctuality is in our DNA: we meet the agreed deadlines from the outset, whether your translation is urgent or standard. What’s more, your data is systematically deleted from our secure management software once the translation is complete, guaranteeing total confidentiality.


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Highly accurate linguistic projects in the energy sector

In the energy sector, communication is international and must be understood by all stakeholders. But your audience varies from one country to another, bringing with it different cultures, regulations and standards that you need to adapt to consistently if your message is to be understood. A poorly translated text can have a multitude of consequences for your company (loss of earnings, legal or commercial errors, etc.).

Accurate translation is therefore essential. Specific vocabulary, knowledge of the energy sector, expertise in the target language… Swisstranslate is committed to offering you quality services in your sector of activity, carried out by true language professionals.

Which documents require specialist translations in the energy sector?
Operating and maintenance manuals, environmental assessment reports, safety guides, compliance documents, patents, etc. The energy industry uses a wide range of documents that require specialist translation. Swisstranslate can translate your text to ensure consistent communication in any language.
Protecting your documents is an absolute priority at Swisstranslate. Your data is hosted in Switzerland and only members of our team have access, via our secure management tool. Once the translation is complete, we delete your documents to ensure maximum confidentiality. We also have a confidentiality agreement in place. Contact us!
The time taken to translate a regulatory document can vary depending on the urgency of the project, the languages used for translation, and the complexity and length of the content. Our linguistic experts (specialists in the energy sector in over 100 languages) are committed to meeting agreed deadlines and guarantee you a fast, high-quality translation.
The Swisstranslate team is made up of linguistic experts in the energy industry: as native speakers of the target language for your project, they have an in-depth knowledge of the subtleties and nuances involved, and know your audience inside out.
As a specialist in translations for the energy sector, Swisstranslate knows what quality criteria an agency should have: in-depth knowledge of the industry (ideally with experience of working in the field), a solid command of the source and target languages, and a proven ability to meet deadlines. So you know your project is in safe hands.