API Connector

This is an interface that enables two software programs, information systems or applications to communicate via the Internet. An API, which stands for “Application Programming Interface”, offers the possibility of integrating translation tools and facilitates data exchange. Integration into the workflow is seamless.

The Swisstranslate API connector:
cutting-edge technology to meet your language needs

In today’s world, technology is playing an increasingly important role in our work processes. Modern technological tools have also been adopted in the field of translation and interpreting. Digitising multilingual content management processes eliminates time-consuming steps and reduces costs. An API connector makes this possible. An API connector is an interface that enables two software programs, information systems or applications to communicate via the Internet. Simplify your translations with the Swisstranslate API connector and discover how our advanced technology facilitates the centralised management of your translation projects and transforms your translation processes by automating repetitive tasks.


What is the API Connector?

The acronym API stands for Application Programming Interface. An API connector is a software interface for exchanging data between different applications and translation systems. Exchanges take place in real time and are automated.

The API is a very cost-effective solution, since production and integration costs are very low. It’s also a simple solution, since APIs are easy to program. This innovative technology enables you to achieve fast, accurate translations by simplifying workflows and improving the efficiency of the translation process.


Reliable, high-quality translations thanks to our API connector

The advantages of the API connector in the translation process

Swisstranslate’s API connector is the key to faster, more accurate translations. Our revolutionary technology improves the quality of your translations by offering you a number of advantages:

  • Seamless integration of translation tools into the agency’s existing systems. This gives translators direct access to the translation memories and glossaries corresponding to the project.
  • Automate repetitive tasks and save time for translators. The integration of an API connector enables processes to be automated. In this way, manual labour is reduced and resources can be freed up where they are no longer needed. For example, the content to be translated does not need to be downloaded separately into a folder before being transferred by email. The connectors also eliminate tedious copy/paste and import/export tasks. Automation then reduces the risk of human error, and therefore wasted time.
  • Centralised management of translation projects thanks to real-time data exchange. An API connector is the ideal solution for managing a large quantity of content or product files. For example, in just a few seconds you can check whether all document updates have been taken into account.


The benefits of the API Connector for your projects

Using the revolutionary API connector technology also has advantages for your projects:

  • Greater efficiency in handling translation requests. Process automation makes it easier to manage your projects. Your comments or specific requests can be updated directly for future projects using APIs.
  • Improved consistency and quality of translations. Thanks to the integration of translation memories and glossaries, supplied by you or produced by our specialist translators, our language experts ensure that your technical terms and recurring terms are translated consistently and correctly within your content. Translation memories also give them access to previous translations, so they can use recurring formulations and keywords to ensure overall consistency in the translation of your content (for example, a word will always be translated in the same way).
  • An API connector increases your productivity by speeding up the translation and therefore the publication of your content. Thanks to the API connector, for example, it’s very easy to add a language to a website, enabling it to go live very quickly.