International Organisations From official documents to strategic communications, we transcend language barriers to strengthen collaboration on a global scale.

Translation agency for international organisations

The UN, WHO, ILO, European Commission, the Red Cross, international organisations bring together countries from all over the world and play a vital role on a global scale. They are active on all fronts (health, biodiversity, human rights, environment, etc.) and have to communicate their messages to a cosmopolitan audience. Quality translations are therefore crucial. Swisstranslate is an expert language agency for international organisations. We know how to adapt to your requirements by offering tailor-made services.

As their name suggests, international organisations are governed by a multitude of countries and many points differ: language, cultural context, political context, areas of expertise, regulations, vocabulary, etc. The transmitted message must be identical throughout the world, but must remain appropriate to the audience so that the understanding is fluent..

Our teams, experts in specialised translation for international organisations, take charge of your project from start to finish. They have in-depth knowledge of the technical vocabulary, history and regulations specific to your organisation, enabling them to provide you with a high-quality translation. You can rely on our expertise to meet your specific needs.

At Swisstranslate, we understand our customers’ need for confidentiality. To guarantee you maximum protection, we work with highly secure management software (only accessible internally) and we host your data in Switzerland. As soon as the translation is complete, we immediately delete your documents. Do you need a confidentiality clause (NDA)? We sign one for each project. Contact us.


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Our translation services for international organisations

Swisstranslate can provide you with a team of language experts dedicated to your organisation’s needs. Thanks to our extensive experience with international organisations, and our command of more than 100 languages, we can offer you top-of-the-range services, fully customised to meet your specific needs and carried out by professionals:

  • Translation of documents: be they international treaties and agreements, press releases, advertising campaigns, activity reports or conference reports, our specialist translators can translate these documents to ensure a consistent message in all languages;
  • Translation of internal and external communications: Swisstranslate can translate all your internal and/or external communication materials;
  • Translation of regulatory and legal documents: our experts in international organisations can translate your legal and regulatory documents. You can also have them certified if required.
  • Revision and correction by translators specialising in international organisations: if you need another opinion on a piece of content, we offer proofreading and correction services.
  • Interpreting for international organisations: our interpreting service is ideally suited to visits, presentations, conferences and other events for international organisations.

We know that some of the content translated by international organisations is managed in-house. That’s why Swisstranslate supports this internal task by offering information, proposals and expertise to the organisation.

This facilitates the translation process and saves time on other tasks, while ensuring that the quality of your content is beyond reproach.


International organisations: a specialist translation agency

NGOs, Embassies, Foundations or Sports Federations, trust Swisstranslate for the highest quality translations. We have been a language agency based in Geneva, Zurich and Paris for almost 10 years and offer our clients premium services for all their projects in the international organisations sector.

Thanks to our 3,000 translators, we can react quickly and reliably to your requests (even the most urgent).

In addition to their expertise and skills, our language specialists follow a precisely defined translation process that guarantees the reliability of the projects they handle. They know the world of international organisations like the back of their hand and use the appropriate terminology, in line with the specific standards of each country.

Whether your translation requires urgent, express or standard delivery, we are committed to meeting the deadlines agreed together. We also attach great importance to the security of your data: we use in-house secure software (accessible only by the Swisstranslate team), confidentiality agreements, and we immediately delete data after delivery of the project.


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The importance of accurate translation in international organisations

International organisations are subject to the regulations of the various countries. The stakes are high and reliable communication with the target audience is essential. How? By opting for an accurate translation: all it takes is one mistake for the organisation’s image to be tarnished, for it to have to suffer legal consequences, etc.

At Swisstranslate, our experienced linguists know how to adapt to your needs in order to ensure that what is said is clearly understood, that reliable information is conveyed, and that the sentiment is respected. You benefit from a clear and excellent service.

Which documents require specialised translation in the international organisations sector?
International organisations require specialist translations by experts for a variety of documents: international conventions and agreements, press releases, publicity campaigns, activity reports, conference proceedings, funding applications, etc. Rely on Swisstranslate for a quality project.
At Swisstranslate, we have a strict protocol in place to ensure the confidentiality of all your documents. We use secure software for data management (only accessible internally). Your data is hosted locally in Switzerland and deleted once the project has been delivered. We also sign a confidentiality clause (NDA). Contact us!
The time taken to translate a press release generally varies from a few hours to a maximum of a few days, but this depends on the subject, the source and target languages and the desired delivery date. Put your trust in our language agency: we are committed to meeting the delivery deadline agreed with you.
Our team of translators are experts in the field of international organisations. As well as being native speakers of your target language, they have an in-depth understanding of your target audience and extensive experience of the specific vocabulary. This enables us to guarantee you reliable translations.
To choose a quality translation agency, it is essential to ensure that it has extensive knowledge of international organisations and the source and target languages. Also check for positive customer reviews and its ability to meet delivery deadlines. Rely on Swisstranslate for all your translation, copywriting and interpreting needs!