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Swisstranslate, a language agency based in Geneva, Zurich and Paris for almost 10 years. We support our customers in all their language projects and work with them to create tailor-made solutions adapted to their needs and requirements. Translation, proofreading, transcription, interpreting, transcreation, copywriting, audiovisual services… Our teams of 3,000 language experts put their skills to work for you. Our mission and positioning are unique: to be the ambassadors of “Made in Switzerland” quality in language services. Discover our complete language solutions combining professional expertise, cultural adaptability and customer satisfaction.

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Today, providing content in several foreign languages is considered essential to a company’s success. Working with international contacts, opening up to other cultures and audiences, gaining a better understanding of the cultural context of the target country, enhancing your brand image or boosting your company’s profile: the challenges of multilingualism are varied and the benefits are numerous. Linguistic diversity is intrinsically linked to the globalisation we are experiencing. That’s why Swisstranslate offers you bespoke language solutions, perfectly adapted to your needs.

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Swisstranslate can handle any project. We combine 6 core businesses with a range of services so that you can centralise your needs and leave your project in the hands of a single provider. We offer you tailor-made services, reliable language services and expertise in a variety of fields.
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In order to adapt to the specific requirements of each project, we offer a wide range of services. We’ll see your project through from A to Z, saving you time and the trouble of switching between several service providers.

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Each sector requires precise messages and brand values that are adapted to their target audience. Swisstranslate provides you with reliable language services and expertise in a wide range of fields: agri-business, insurance, audiovisual, automotive, communications, cosmetics and much more.


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Discover excellence at every turn. Our responsive experts are on hand to answer to your requests in less than 30 minutes, ensuring exceptional service.

We work with a large number of prestigious organisations who renew their trust in us year after year.

Explore our News section to access a wealth of information on the latest trends and developments in the translation and interpreting industry, and keep up to date with the latest developments!

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Professionals & Knowledge

At Swisstranslate, we embody professionalism and responsiveness throughout your project, from the request for a quote to final delivery. We are committed to bringing all our customers’ projects to a successful conclusion. We are committed to responding quickly to your requests and questions. Once you’ve filled in the form on our website, we guarantee a response within 30 minutes!

Tell us about your project, giving as many details as possible: your field, your products and services, your languages, your deadlines, etc. We will then provide you with a free, personalised quote tailored to your needs and requirements. We scrupulously respect the deadline agreed with you before the project begins. Once your project has been delivered, we remain at your disposal should you have any questions or need to make any changes.

Each project is unique, and we adapt as much as possible to each of your requests. Your satisfaction is our priority!