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With the rise of globalisation, multilingual communication has never been so important as it is today. Exchanges are increasingly taking place on an international scale, and messages have to contend with the language barrier. Very often, the various parties or recipients of a message do not speak the same languages. That is why interpretation is essential to ensure the accuracy of the information shared with the target audience. When no more than two people need translation, it is not necessarily essential to install simultaneous interpreting equipment. In this case, whispered interpreting, also known as chuchotage, may be appropriate. Rather than working from a soundproof booth and being heard through headphones, the interpreter whispers into the ear of the participants who do not understand the speaker’s language. Here, Swisstranslate explains the characteristics and advantages of this type of interpreting, which we can carry out perfectly thanks to our team of professional interpreters.

Whispered interpreting: what is it?

This type of interpreting involves whispering the translation into the participant’s ear while the speaker is speaking. The interpreter stands next to the client and simultaneously whispers the speaker’s speech in their ear. Whispered interpreting is the ideal solution for meetings or events where a small number of participants require interpretation. Events or meetings with small groups and short duration lend themselves perfectly to this form of interpretation.


A whispering interpreter needs to have a great deal of concentration, as they have to listen, translate and speak while the conversation is going on. What’s more, they lack the comfort of a fully-equipped translation booth. Because the effort of concentration is so great and whispering is so hard on the vocal cords, it may be necessary to use two interpreters at the event, so that they can take it in turns to guarantee a quality performance.


Why choose our agency for your whisper interpreting assignments?


Swisstranslate provides you with qualified professionals for your whispered interpreting assignments. More than 3,000 language experts work with our agency on a daily basis, putting their skills at the service of your project, to provide you with an accurate, high-quality interpreting service. Our interpreters are fully qualified for the assignment and specialise in your field.


In addition, our interpreters are subject to a code of ethics stipulating that they must respect professional secrecy. In this way, you can be sure that our interpreters will reveal nothing of your content or of the information they learn in the course of their work. Similarly, they respect the requirement for neutrality: throughout, they do not let their opinions or feelings show, nor do they add anything to or take anything away from what the speaker has said. Your message is faithfully reproduced.


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The advantages of whispered interpreting


Whispered interpreting is a quick and easy solution to put in place. Whispered interpreting requires no interpreting equipment (booths, microphones, headphones, etc.). So there’s no need to set up a special room or install technical equipment: it’s a real time-saver and a real convenience.


Whispered interpreting also reduces the cost of interpreting services. Only the interpreter’s services and travel costs are charged, as there is no need to provide any equipment.


The approach is also personalised because, rather than sitting in a booth, working with earpieces and using microphones, the interpreter speaks directly to a very small number of people, sometimes just one. They can therefore also be available if participants have any questions, and interact with the speakers.


Finally, this method allows the various participants in a multilingual meeting to follow the debates and speeches in real time, without interruption, even if they have not mastered the main language of the event.


Whispered interpreting: areas of expertise


Whispered interpreting can be used in many fields: legal, medical, administrative, etc. That’s why Swisstranslate only works with specialist linguists who are familiar with the technical terms used in your field.


Thanks to their professionalism and specialisation, our interpreters can provide high-quality whispering services. For example, our specialist medical interpreters enable members of the hospital team to communicate effectively in the operating theatre, in total discretion. As no equipment is required, the interpreter guarantees communication between the various medical professions, without cluttering up the environment. Similarly, the absence of logistical constraints makes whispered interpreting suitable for mobile assignments, where it is not possible to use portable equipment. We can also cite the example of large parliamentary meetings, where the many people attending bring together a wide variety of languages. In this case, the interpreters whisper to their respective representatives, allowing the parliamentary meeting to proceed uninterrupted.

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