Agri-food industry From recipes to product descriptions, we bring linguistic precision to every detail.

Translation agency in the agri-food sector

Importing and exporting foodstuffs around the world, product marketing, country-specific regulatory documentation, etc. The agri-food sector is a major player on an international scale and covers a multitude of fields (marketing, legal, technical, etc.). It therefore requires accurate, high-quality translations. Swisstranslate is the leader in specialist food translations: our language experts understand the needs of the industry and are able to adapt to your requirements and your target audience.

The agri-food sector brings with it its own set of challenges: compliance with international standards, knowledge of the target country’s culture, understanding of consumer needs, supply chain management… At Swisstranslate, our expert translators, native speakers of your target language, have a wealth of experience in the field. We are completely at ease with the complex terminology, regulations and standards associated with this sector. They translate your documents reliably and accurately, using the correct keywords.


We also make it a point of honour to ensure that your project is secure and confidential: we host your data in Switzerland, process it exclusively in-house and keep it completely secure, using our management platform. We also sign a confidentiality agreement (NDA) to further strengthen the protection of your information.


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Our translation services for the agri-food sector

We know that your project is unique and deserves a tailor-made solution, which is why Swisstranslate offers you several translation services, always carried out by our expert food translators:

  • Document translation: we can translate food product labels, food production and processing manuals, marketing and communication documents, commercial contracts, etc. Our range of services is vast.
  • Translation of regulatory and legal documents in the agri-food sector: because the industry is highly globalised and has to comply with exacting standards, we can help you with the translation of legal and regulatory content.
  • Revision and correction by specialist agri-food translators: our specialist proofreaders are on hand to proofread your project and make any necessary changes.
  • Interpreting for the agri-food sector: our experts provide a range of interpreting services to suit your needs (whispered, consecutive, simultaneous, relay, etc).
  • Copywriting: websites, blog articles, newsletters, etc. We can take charge of writing your content on the agri-food sector;
  • Audio and video: transcription, subtitling… We are a language agency capable of handling your audio and video documents.


Choose Swisstranslate for translations in the agri-food sector

Swisstranslate is a translation agency with offices in Geneva, Zurich and Paris. For almost 10 years, we have been helping our customers with their language projects, and working with them to create tailor-made solutions to meet their needs and requirements.

Translation, proofreading, transcription, interpreting, transcreation… More than 3,000 language experts can put their skills to work on your project. For all your translation needs in the agri-food sector, you can rely on our team of experienced translators, native speakers of your target language and experts in the subtleties of the language and the sector’s terminology.

At Swisstranslate, we are committed to maintaining a rigorous quality process through every stage of your language needs. From the meticulous selection of our specialist translators to the careful proofreading of each project, we are committed to providing services of the highest quality, guaranteeing the accuracy, consistency and faithfulness of the food translations we produce.

Your project is important to us: security and meeting deadlines are essential to Swisstranslate translators. We are committed to meeting delivery deadlines while maintaining the complete confidentiality of your data and documents. Your sensitive information is processed in-house and hosted in Switzerland, with a rigorous set of measures in place to ensure its protection. In addition, we offer the option of entering into a confidentiality agreement (NDA) to further enhance the security of your information.


Need a translation in the agri-food sector?


Accurate translations in the food industry


If the translation is not accurate, the impact on your business can be considerable. There’s a risk that your target audience won’t understand your message and you’ll miss the point you’re trying to make. Your image and credibility are at stake, and we are perfectly aware of this. Only a translation agency specialising in the food industry can provide quality translations.


At Swisstranslate, we manage numerous projects in the agri-food industry: major groups trust us with their translations in several source and target languages. Our language experts offer language services that perfectly convey your message.

What types of documents in the food industry require specialised translation?
The translation of documents from the agri-food sector can be varied: nutritional labels, product specifications, laboratory analysis reports, quality standards, manufacturing procedure manuals, regulatory documents, etc. This list is not exhaustive: at Swisstranslate, we adapt to your company’s needs. Contact us to discuss your project!
The confidentiality of your project is of paramount importance to us. Your data will be hosted in Switzerland, processed internally, and deleted once the translation has been completed. It is also completely secure thanks to the strict settings of our management platform. We are implementing a confidentiality agreement (NDA) to further strengthen the protection of your information.
The time required to translate food product labels varies according to the complexity of the content, the source and target languages, the number of documents, the delivery deadline, etc. In general, it can take a few days to a few weeks to ensure an accurate translation that complies with local regulations.
At Swisstranslate, we make it a point of honour to work with the best. All our expert food industry translators are bilingual (source and target language), work or have worked in the food industry, and are familiar with its terminology and workings. They are committed to providing you with a top-quality translation.
When choosing a translation agency for the agri-food sector, it is essential to take several criteria into account: their specific experience in the field, their knowledge of food regulations, their ability to translate technical documents and to meet deadlines. Trust Swisstranslate, your satisfaction is our priority.