Cosmetics From product descriptions to marketing campaigns, we translate with unrivalled linguistic accuracy.

Translation agency in the cosmetics sector

Make-up, skincare, pharmaceutical products… With its many professions, products and distribution channels, cosmetics is a field that is as internationally competitive as it is diverse. Trends evolve as countries and consumer needs change, so content translation must keep pace, reliably and accurately. Put your trust in Swisstranslate, a translation agency with expertise in the cosmetics industry, for all your language projects. Our team of professionals’ knowledge has been at your service for almost 10 years.

The cosmetics industry is expanding considerably, on an international scale, and there are many issues at stake. As well as having to adapt to the native language and culture of your target audience, it is essential to take into account the standards inherent in each country.

For example, certain ingredients are authorised in one region but not in another.

Every aspect needs to be considered – marketing, legal, technical or linguistic.

A good translation should be carried out by professionals in the sector, who are used to using cosmetic terminology advisedly and are able to preserve the values and tone of your brand. Your target language is the native language of our translators, whose expertise delivers flawless, high-quality projects.

Our translation agency makes it a point of honour to guarantee the confidentiality of your information. We work with ultra-secure management software, used only by our in-house team, and your data is hosted in Switzerland for maximum protection. Once the translation is complete, we delete your data immediately. We also sign a confidentiality agreement (NDA) to reinforce the security of your data.


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Our translation services for the cosmetics sector

At Swisstranslate, we have been committed to providing you with quality services in the cosmetics field for 10 years. Translation, proofreading, interpreting, copywriting… Depending on your business and your objectives, we provide the professional support for your language project:

  • Translation of documents: product descriptions, labels and packaging, marketing and advertising documents, websites and social media, instructions for use, etc. The cosmetics sector includes a large number of documents that we can translate for you.
  • Translation of internal and external communications: Do you need reliable translations for all your communications, whether with service providers or within your company? Put your trust in our language experts.
  • Translation of regulatory and legal documents: we can translate all your legal and regulatory documents (sworn or not), thanks to our experts who specialise in both cosmetics and law.
  • Proofreading and revision by translators specialising in cosmetics: whether you need proofreading or revision, the Swisstranslate team will take a close look at your project and make any necessary changes.
  • Interpreting for the cosmetics industry: our interpreting service is ideal for product presentations, multi-stakeholder meetings, etc.
  • Copywriting: websites, blog articles, newsletters, product sheets… We are professionals capable of creating your content.


A qualified cosmetics translation agency

Based in Geneva, Zurich and Paris, Swisstranslate is a translation agency offering practical language solutions to its customers (professionals and private individuals).

For nearly 10 years, our teams have been made up of 3,000 translators who are experts in their field. We easily adapt to all your needs, with one golden rule: quality services.

Our experts have an eye for detail: they ensure that the right terminology is used and that the regulations of the target country are complied with. That’s why they follow a meticulous quality protocol, designed to ensure that your cosmetics translations are accurate in both meaning and nuance.

You’re in control from start to finish: whether it’s urgent or not, we deliver your project on the date we agreed together. We also guarantee optimum security for your data (deleting it at the end of the translation, managed on confidential software only used internally, confidentiality agreements, etc.).


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The importance of accurate translation in the cosmetics industry

In the cosmetics industry, accurate translation is a priority. All it takes is a poorly translated instruction leaflet or list of ingredients for consumers to misunderstand your message. They may not understand the side effects of a product or its allergens, for example. The consequences (health, legal, commercial, etc.) can be serious for your company.

Only a professional translation agency can take on such a delicate project. Our cosmetics experts have real know-how and a total mastery of the vocabulary linked to the sector. They are also native speakers of your target language.

What documents require a specialised cosmetics translation?
The cosmetics industry includes a multitude of specialised documents that require accurate translation: legal information about a product, labels, packaging, technical data sheets, safety data sheets, catalogues, brochures, lists of ingredients, etc. Please contact us so that we can discuss your translation project together.
At Swisstranslate, we have strict rules to follow: data management via our secure software, processing by our in-house team only, local hosting in Switzerland, deleting the project once delivered, confidentiality clauses (NDA), etc. We do not take the confidentiality of your documents lightly.
The time it takes to translate a press release varies according to the complexity of the text, its length, the source and target languages, the desired delivery date (whether your content is urgent or not), etc. Swisstranslate guarantees delivery on time, on the date chosen together at the start of your project. Punctuality is of the utmost importance to us!
We work hand in hand with a team of professional translators specialising in the cosmetics sector. As well as translating into their mother tongue (your target language), they have in-depth knowledge of your audience and the terminology to be used. So you get a reliable, lucid translation of consistently high quality.
When choosing a translation agency specialising in the cosmetics industry, there are several crucial points to consider: knowledge of the world of cosmetics and its professions, fluency in the source and target languages, the ability to meet project deadlines, etc. Put your trust in Swisstranslate, your professional language agency since 2015.