Find out how our translation agency dedicates its expertise to a variety of sectors, offering bespoke language solutions to meet the specific needs of each industry.

Secteurs - Swisstranslate

Swisstranslate's various areas of operation

Swisstranslate is a translation agency with offices in Geneva, Zurich and Paris. For almost 10 years, we have been doing everything we can to provide our customers (both professional and private) with high-quality language services. Financial, legal, healthcare, luxury goods, communications, education... Our areas of expertise cover a wide range of sectors, each treated with singular dedication. Our unwavering commitment is to ensure that every message and every element is faithfully and accurately conveyed.

Language services tailored to your business sector

At Swisstranslate, we are fully aware that each company has its own needs, its own terminology and its own values. To convey your message as effectively as possible, it's essential to know how to adapt to both your audience and your business sector. Our agency excels in a variety of disciplines, from finance to education, healthcare, law, technology and many others. We combine expertise with versatility, a fundamental quality that guides our translation and interpreting services. Our team of seasoned specialists have mastered a range of over 100 languages. We have a perfect command of the semantic nuances, rules and standards that need to be respected. You will receive a top-quality, error free service, and you can be sure that your document is translated in line with the strictest industry standards.

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Core values - Swisstranslate

Why put your confidence in the Swisstranslate translation agency?

Since 2015, Swisstranslate has been a language agency based in Geneva, Zurich and Paris, offering its services to professionals and individuals. The fact that more than 900 repeat customers have put their trust in us since then is thanks to the strengths, which form the DNA of our company:


You have a plan, we have the solution. Whatever your deadline, the language combination you require or the options you choose, our experts will always do their utmost to provide you with a top-quality translation. From initial contact to final delivery, our service is top-of-the-range.


Whether spoken or written, we pay attention to every word, every expression and every term. We know that the words in your document are not chosen at random, and we are committed to delivering your message accurately in all languages.


You decide the delivery date. Express (within two working days), urgent (within four working days) or standard (within seven working days). Whatever your choice, our experts are committed to combining speed and excellence, without ever compromising the superior quality of your translation.


This is a golden rule. Your data is hosted in Switzerland, can only be consulted by our team and is deleted at the end of the project. We guarantee a strict non-disclosure policy to ensure absolute confidentiality of information.


Establishing a relationship of trust with our customers is a privilege for us. We favour a personal approach by making ourselves available for meetings and ensuring unrivalled transparency throughout your project. What's more, our team is available six days a week, guaranteeing optimum responsiveness to all your queries.

Your questions about translation

What types of documents can you translate for my business sector?

Whether you are a professional or an individual, let us translate your documents: financial translation (balance sheets, profit and loss accounts, cash flow statements, loan agreements, budget forecasts, etc.); legal translation (sales contracts, notarial deeds, wills and estates, commercial leases, intellectual property agreements, etc.); educational translation (books and textbooks, diplomas and certificates, curricula, lesson plans, etc.); translation in the luxury goods sector (product catalogues, magazines and editorials, advertising campaigns, etc.). These examples are just a sample of our wide range of services. Contact us to find out more about our full range of services.

Our expert staff, based in Geneva, Zurich and Paris, are available on +41 (0) 22 566 13 01. To request a personalised quote, please fill in our online quote request form, detailing your specific requirements, such as languages and deadlines. Submit your request, and we promise to give you a detailed answer within thirty minutes.

It is not possible to give a price without having an idea of the services you need. Once again, we advise you to use the quote request form on our Swisstranslate site: you will receive a live price estimate based on the options you choose for projects of less than two pages. For more than 2 pages, we will get back to you within 30 minutes of receiving your request.

We can translate, write and transcribe your documents and interpret your speeches into over 100 languages. To name but a few: English, French, Serbo-Croatian, Latvian, Portuguese, Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese, Kazakh, Italian, Ukrainian, Japanese, Greek, Vietnamese and more.

Of course! At Swisstranslate, we can provide certified translations thanks to our team of sworn translators. Our sworn translators are qualified to provide you with certified translations, guaranteeing that official documents such as identity cards, passports and driving licences comply with the required standards.

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Multi-sector expertise

Discover the quality of our language services at our versatile agency. As you can see, Swisstranslate offers bespoke solutions for every industry.

Whatever your sector, our experienced team offers linguistic and creative services tailored to your specific needs. With such wide-ranging expertise, we’re ready to bring your projects to life, guaranteeing an influential presence on the global market.

Turn every word, image and sound into a strategic opportunity with our specialist agency.