Geneva, Switzerland’s most cosmopolitan city

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Geneva’s charm has international appeal With 200,000 inhabitants, Switzerland’s second most populous city, Geneva, offers a unique combination of international cultures and different nationalities, in a beautiful natural and architectural setting. Situated in the south-west of Switzerland and famous for its lake, mountains and fountain, Geneva is one of the most spectacular and picturesque spots […]

How did English become an international language?

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500 years ago, English was spoken by around 7 million people, predominantly in the British Isles. Today, there are no fewer than 1.8 billion fluent English speakers and more than 55 countries that use it as a second language. English is the principal language of business, science, literature, politics, diplomacy, and many other sectors. It […]

Translating sign language

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In June 2021, audiences in Geneva were able to take part in the first one-man show to be simultaneously translated into sign language. It was a first in Switzerland, thanks to the comedian Antoine Maulini. Accompanied by a sign language interpreter, the comedian made his show accessible to the hearing impaired. It’s true that in […]

How to successfully draft your business documents in 8 points

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Our translation agency can write and translate your various documents. It’s no longer necessary to use communication agencies to compose business communications. Swisstranslate can handle all your communication needs by writing and translating into over 100 languages. Writing professional comms documents is subject to several rules. A memo, an assignment report and a sales proposal […]

Which type of interpretation should I choose?

You might think that the world of translation only revolves around classic written translation services, regardless of whether the field is technical or legal. However, one of the trickiest aspects of translation is interpretation. The number of employees in the translation and interpretation sector has doubled over the last seven years, and is expected to […]