In France, Netflix has a catalogue of over 5,600 films and series. This corresponds on average to the number of film releases in French cinemas in 2020. This explosion of video-on-demand services reflects the new mode of consumption, “everything, right away”. But to satisfy the 208 million subscribers worldwide, films and series must be subtitled. […]

Around 30,000 people are gathering in Glasgow at this very moment for the 26th United Nations Conference of the Parties on Climate Change (COP26). From 31 October to 12 November, 120 heads of state are expected to attend and some of them have already taken the floor in the first few days to raise awareness […]

The long-awaited summit between Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin shook up the news this week. After 36 years, the two great world powers met in Geneva and debated for more than 3 hours on various subjects such as the US presidential elections, hacking and cyber security operations, nuclear arms control, the Ukraine issue without forgetting […]


Implementámos uma política de confidencialidade com 6 pontos que lhe garantem um tratamento confidencial de todos os projetos.


A SwissTranslate encarrega-se da totalidade do seu projeto de tradução com profissionalismo e com o maior nível de confidencialidade.


A agência de traduções SwissTranslate responde às suas necessidades encarregando-se da totalidade do seu projeto de tradução, bem como da estruturação de página de qualquer tipo de documentos em mais de 40 idiomas.

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