SWISSTRANSLATE & Entrepreneurship

HEC Paris’ mission is twofold: training the global leaders of tomorrow, and taking an active part in the production of knowledge on management.

Created in 1881 by the Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry, HEC Paris ambitions to train high potential individuals, capable of becoming architects of a responsible world. What makes HEC unique is its conviction shared by the HEC Community: knowledge determines the freedom and entrepreneurship required for a better world. This conviction is affirmed with our motto “The more you know, the more you dare”.

This mission is based on two pillars: a rigorous research environment and close connections to the corporate world. The combination of high quality research, underlying the pedagogical innovation at HEC Paris, and close corporate connections, gives the HEC community the necessary tools and background to challenge established rules and to invent the new social and economic paradigms of tomorrow’s world, rather than simply reproduce them.


HEC Paris enacts this mission in harmony with three core values:


Whatever their age and in all our programs, HEC Paris’ philosophy is to retain only the brightest students and the very best professors. Such rigorous selectivity perpetuates the quality of teaching and research, as well as the school’s reputation. The best students and professors are determined by globally accepted standards of excellence, rather than geography- or nationality-based criteria.

International outreach

HEC offers a multidisciplinary approach to management which speaks to all nationalities and profiles, and serves the need of a globalized market. It has closed over a hundred alliances with prestigious academic partners, the multicultural diversity of the faculty and student body has increased dramatically, and placement opportunities for students are now offered worldwide.

Sense of initiative and social diversity

HEC encourages its students to think out of the box, reinvent themselves, fulfil their wildest dreams and reveal their talents. By offering them a wealth of opportunities, HEC offers each individual an opportunity to live up to their ambitions.  HEC Paris offers a model of social diversity based on meritocracy through assertive needs-based scholarships and an offer of educational programs dedicated to social responsibility and sustainable development, in order to train responsible business leaders who will make a positive contribution to society as a whole.