In the current context of globalisation, law, like economics, is increasingly international and legal situations often now include an international element.

International law can no longer be ignored and legislations, agreements, legal acts, rulings and exhibits are very often the subject of a legal translation. As a result, a translation certified by a sworn translator can be compelling.

Our agency offers you the services of a certified translator who will enable you to file the official documents requested by a Swiss or international institution.

Your translation, which will be delivered to you by both e-mail and post, can be notarised, sworn or stamped.

SwissTranslate is a Swiss based agency that offers a complete range of linguistic solutions in the legal sector (certified, legalised, notarised, apostilled documents) working with translators sworn in by the Council of State.

Our legal translators are chosen according to their area of expertise in order to meet your requirements and to provide you with a certified or legalised translation. First of all, they carry out terminology searches to ensure that their translations fully comply with their targets. With this aim, we also keep terminological glossaries up to date.

Our sworn translators and experienced proofreaders all have many years of experience in the field of certified or legalised translation: translating contracts, international disputes, patents, regulatory compliance, arbitration, …

The confidentiality of your documents is a priority at SwissTranslate, which is why a confidentiality agreement can be signed between both parties in order to guarantee total confidentiality of your certified or legalised translation.

Moreover, a confidentiality agreement is also signed with all of our collaborators, who undertake not to divulge any information regarding the translated documents.

Our translation experts place their experience and know-how at the disposal of lawyers, notaries, judicial officers and corporate legal departments.

Finally, the notion of urgency is perfectly mastered by our entire team since we provide you with a quotation within 30 minutes after your request and are able to deliver a certified or legalised translation very quickly, while guaranteeing optimal quality thanks to the work of a sworn translator.

  • Examples of documents translated:

    • Notarised agreements
    • Patents
    • General terms and conditions of sale
    • Contracts
    • Judgments
    • Diplomas
    • Statements of cases
    • NDA
    • Legal arguments
    • Sworn and certified translations
    • Articles of incorporation
    • Minutes
    • Legal guides…

More than 40 languages

The SwissTranslate Translation agency meets your needs by looking after your entire translation project as well as the page layout of all types of documents in more than 40 languages

Free quote in 30 minutes

SwissTranslate looks after your entire translation project with professionalism and confidentiality

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