Yes, we only work with language experts, graduates translating into their mother tongue.

We translate into more than 40 languages, i.e. 1,600 possible combinations.

If you own the source file, we can directly translate the text in the image. Otherwise, the translation is included in a file in Word format.

Legalisation represents the certification and verification of an official document by a state chancellery. Unlike the apostille, legalisation is necessary for countries other than Switzerland.

An apostille is required for official documents that must be certified by a state chancellery in addition to the notarised authentication usually practiced. An apostille is required for countries other than Switzerland.

There is agency certification, legalisation by a notary (or notarised authentication) and certification by a sworn translator.

Ask the authority of the country of destination about the type of authentication required for your documents.

It therefore depends on what you want to do with your document, and on the institution requesting it.

Transcription is the act of copying a text in the same language.

Translation is the act of translating a text into another language, remaining close to the original text and its meaning.

Transcreation is a mixture of translation and creation. It is especially necessary for promotional or marketing texts. It is a freer translation, less close to the source text, increasing the emotional impact and credibility.

As an ISO 9001 and 17100 certified company, quality control is included in every translation.

The Swisstranslate agency & customer service

Our agency has two quality labels: ISO 9001 certificates for quality management and ISO 17100 for translation quality.

At Swisstranslate, we have a quality feedback procedure. You must come forward with feedback and tell us what was not satisfactory (syntax, style, terminology, etc.) within three months of your delivery. Our production department will carry out a precise analysis and the necessary modifications without additional costs.

Yes, your documents and data are transmitted and processed on secure servers. We can sign confidentiality charters and even delete your data on request.

Swisstranslate has offices in Geneva, Zurich and Paris.

We can communicate with our clients in French, English, German, Italian and Spanish.

Yes, of course. Do not hesitate to contact us to schedule an appointment on + 41 22 566 13 01 or by email at

You can use the email address of the person in charge of your follow-up. Our team is notified, processes your messages and takes the necessary measures.

At Swisstranslate, quality is always guaranteed by the monitoring of the manager, the monitoring of the project manager and finally by our linguistic experts (translators and revisers).


Yes, of course. We can work from an extraction that you provide (or ask your communication agency). In addition, we can also copy and paste your content on a Word document with your approval.

A glossary is an archive of specialised terms in at least two languages. We integrate this list into the translation process and use it as a professional terminology database for you and your future translations. The glossary can be provided by you or can be created during our collaboration.

Yes, absolutely, if you have large translation volumes, it may be wise to deliver several versions to you so that you can select the team closest to your requirements.

Yes, we can produce, process and deliver translations at weekends.

Overall, we can translate in all formats. We convert files that cannot be supported, for example PDFs.

You have two options:

The first, send us your request via our form on our website (secure platform).

The second, you have the possibility to request a quote directly by email to the address: (Swiss secure server).

Simultaneous interpreting is the immediate oral transfer of speech into another language by interpreters. On the contrary, consecutive interpreting has a time lag in the transfer of words.

Deadlines and prices

Regarding simple translations, our translators can translate nearly 2,000 words per day, or 7 to 10 pages per day.

For certified, official translations, the deadline applied is 5 working days.

Translations are generally invoiced according to five criteria: the number of words or pages (the volume), the language combination, the technicality of the document, the deadline requested by the client and finally the option chosen by the client. We invite you to send us your document(s) in order to make you a precise offer.

We can deliver your translation on an urgent (+30%) or express (+60%) basis depending on the volume of your translation.

We provide you with several means of payment: PayPal, TWINT, bank transfer, bank card or in cash by coming directly to the agency.

When it comes to an order placed by an individual, he or she must pay the invoice before launching the project so that it can be initiated and delivered on time.

A company will have by default a period of 15 days to settle its invoice.

You have the option of contacting your account manager to request a monthly or project invoice.

If you have a question or concern about your invoice, you can discuss it directly with the person in charge of your follow-up at Swisstranslate or the accounting department via or on + 41 22 566 72 34.

Machine translation

It is the translation carried out by a computer in an automatic and non-human way. This process uses software to transcribe text from one language to another.

Swisstranslate is a human translation agency where translators translate into their mother tongue being experts in the required field. Therefore, the translation will be of better quality unlike automatic translators which translate word by word. These platforms make it possible to understand the meaning of a text, but do not allow creativity to be demonstrated, or do not yet have the capacity to translate technical (medical, industrial, legal, etc.) or creative texts.

In addition, these service providers do not (or insufficiently) guarantee data security. They do not allow terminology to be taken into account.

No, Swisstranslate is committed to having its projects translated only with human, expert and highly qualified translators.


The person in charge of your follow-up at Swisstranslate will take your new address into account and modify your invoices.

By default, you receive your translations by email. On the other hand, translations legalised by a notary as well as translations certified by a sworn translator can be picked up at the agency or delivered to your postal address.

The appropriate type of interpretation depends on the type of event, the number of participants and the time available. It is generally consecutive or simultaneous.

I invite you to contact our services to determine the most suitable form for your project.

A questionnaire will be sent to you in order to identify the type of interpretation you will need.

The translators

We work with over 2,500 qualified language experts worldwide. They translate, write and interpret in their mother tongue. This allows us to guarantee our services in 40 languages and to cover various fields of activity.

You can send us your unsolicited application in writing to if you want to join the sales team or any other position, and to if you are a translator, writer or interpreter.

Send us a curriculum vitae containing information on your training, areas of specialisation, experience, knowledge of CAT tools, as well as your references.

We apply a 6-point privacy policy which guarantees the confidential treatment of all your projects.


SwissTranslate looks after your entire translation project with professionalism and confidentiality.


The SwissTranslate Translation agency meets your needs by looking after your entire translation project as well as the page layout of all types of documents in more than 40 languages.

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