Finance plays a key role in the competitiveness and wealth of a country as it provides the economy with the capital it needs to operate.

Switzerland has not only been able to make the financial sector an important pillar of its economy but also to establish the quality of its services on an international level.

The Swiss financial hub features a very high density of large multinationals; there is always a strong demand for financial translations in the national languages (German, French, Italian and Romansh) as well as international languages such as English and others.

SwissTranslate is a Swiss translation agency that has in-depth knowledge of the Finance sector.

Specialised in their fields, our translators only translate into their mother tongue.

Our senior translators and proofreaders all have many years of experience in translating the specifics of corporate financial management, investment, international finance, public and corporate finance (translations for institutions, financial statements, for example).

Who else but a Swiss translator or someone having lived in Switzerland for many years could have a better grasp of all of the nuances of Swiss law and the habits and customs of the federal bureaucracy?

The confidentiality of your documents is a priority at SwissTranslate, which is why an agreement can be signed between both parties to guarantee the complete confidentiality of your financial translation. Our approach is never confined to a simple translation.

To find out more about our tailor-made linguistic services in financial fields such as private and institutional asset management, commodities trading as well as commercial banking, please feel free to contact us via our website.

  • Examples of documents we translate:

    • Statements
    • Contracts
    • Shareholder minutes
    • Management minutes
    • Sworn or certified documents
    • KIID
    • Interim and annual reports
    • Financial reports
    • Investment reports
    • Prospectuses
    • Analysis reports


We apply a 6-point privacy policy which guarantees the confidential treatment of all your projects.


SwissTranslate looks after your entire translation project with professionalism and confidentiality.


The SwissTranslate Translation agency meets your needs by looking after your entire translation project as well as the page layout of all types of documents in more than 40 languages.

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