How to calculate the cost of a translation?

There is an expansion of languages in the face of internationalisation. The translation of documents is becoming an essential practice for communicating and transmitting information; in this article, we will give you more details on the pricing of this service.

At SwissTranslate, we seek to respect your communication style, while following your usual terminology.

Our translation agency defines the budget for your documents according to the following criteria: language, technicality of the subject matter, desired delivery time, size of the file and type of translation.

The cost of your translation will initially depend on the source language and the language into which you wish to translate your document. In Switzerland, European languages are the most commonly requested, followed by Asian, Nordic and Oriental languages.

The technical nature of the translation will also have an impact on the cost. Each type of text and each field has its own specificities and precise terminology to be respected. Our translators are specialised in specific fields and work only into their native language.

As far as delivery times are concerned, our translators are capable of translating an average of 2,500 words per day. Given the number of words, you can estimate when you will receive your translation. However, if you would like your text to be translated within 24 or even 48 to 72 hours, this is entirely possible.

The volume must also be taken into account in the cost of the translation and different units of measurement are considered: the number of words, the number of lines and the number of pages.

In addition, our ISO 17100 and ISO 9001 certifications allow us to distinguish ourselves in terms of the quality of our translations, the skills of our professionals, and the efficiency of our processes.

The entire SwissTranslate team is looking forward to assisting you with your translation needs!

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