SwissTranslate was the brainchild of two people passionate about languages with international careers (United States, UK, Switzerland, Spain, France) who wanted to combine Swiss quality with the translation needs of companies.

Isn’t creating a translation company one of the best ways to continue travelling…?

We have a service culture. In fact, we think that service excellence is perceived with the welcome, availability and personalised relationships that only trust and confidentiality can ensure.

Our Swiss translation agency is able to meet any translation and interpreting needs and boasts one of the most skilled databases of translators and interpreters in the world.

Our agency also offers copywriting, transcreation, proofreading, simultaneous and consecutive interpretation, as well as the certification of your documents.

We have offices in both Zurich and Geneva.

5 reasons for choosing our agency

  • 亲近性

    Our project managers can meet you across Switzerland

  • 响应性

    We analyse all your project needs and are capable of dealing with large volumes to tight deadlines

  • 专门性

    Our translators are specialised in their field of translation and have developed real expertise

  • 专业性

    We test all our translators and comply with a rigorous procedure throughout the translation of a project

  • 保密

    Our clients can be pharmaceutical laboratories, law firms, legal departments or banks, leading us to reinforce the security of our document transfer and storage. Therefore, we have created a confidentiality charter into 6 points:

    1. Assessment of the document’s degree of confidentiality depending on the client’s project
    2. Storage of documents on dedicated servers
    3. Risk limitation, the documents do not leave Switzerland
    4. Deletion of documents on request: we store them on servers for only the time it takes to complete the project
    5. Signature of a non-disclosure agreement (NDA)
    6. Principles are complied with by all of our employees and suppliers via a rigorous selection procedure that fosters long-term relationships



M. Lavialle
Head of Production

M. Lamaj 
Head of Sales





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