The importance of ISO 17100 certification when choosing a translation agency.

ISO 17100 certification was created to guarantee the organisation and the level of requirements expected during a translation. It demonstrates a service provider’s ability to produce a certain quality and to respect procedures during all stages of a translation.

A translation agency specialising in the legal field is committed to positioning a team of translators specialising in this field. The success of each translation project also depends on the close cooperation between the client and the service provider. Strict quality procedures are followed.

In order to be ISO 17100 compliant, the service provider must also use a data protection system and comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Our translation process includes the following steps:

  • Project preparation

Your contact persons have experience in the field of translation and ensure that your individual requirements for each project are met.

  • Production process

We work with our specialist linguists who translate exclusively into their native language. They have significant experience in the field of translation and are specialised in medical, technical, legal, financial and communication fields.

  • Project follow-up

The translation is worked on until our clients are completely satisfied. Our translators are based in Switzerland in order to be familiar with cultural specificities but also in the four corners of the world.

  • Security and information

Your data is stored in our secure Salesforce information system.

Working with an ISO-certified service provider that respects the Swiss legal framework makes a difference.

SwissTranslate is proud to have obtained ISO 17100 certification, a guarantee of the quality of our work and our service.

The entire team remains at your disposal and will be delighted to accompany you on your next translation project.

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