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How to write your company documents successfully in 10 points

I — Our translation agency will take care of the writing and translation of your various documents It is no longer necessary to go through communication agencies in order to write the content of a company. The translation agency Swisstranslate can handle all your needs, writing and translating in over 40 languages. Writing professional communication […]

What type of interpreting to choose ?

One might think that the world of translation only revolves around classic written translation services, no matter whether the field is technical or legal. However, one of the core areas of translation is interpreting.   The number of employees in the translation and interpreting sector has doubled in the last seven years, and is expected […]

Why have your CV translated ?

The CV or «curriculum vitae» comes from the Latin «courir et vie». It allows everyone to retrace their life’s journey, their professional and personal experiences. It is a first opportunity to make yourself known, like a business card, which will encourage the recruiter to take an interest in you. If you are pursuing an international […]

The evolution of the language family tree

There are over 7,100 languages in the world. In Europe more than 230 languages are spoken and more than 2,000 are spoken in Asian countries. In Papua New Guinea, with just 3.9 million inhabitants, more than 840 different languages are spoken! Of these languages, around 40% are threatened with extinction…   In all this diversity, […]

Why translate your website ?

Translating your website is synonymous with communication. Indeed, with globalisation and the evolution of new technologies, companies have to adapt by developing online commerce and seeking to reach a wider target audience. In 2020, the share of online purchases as a proportion of retail purchases reached almost 70% for Switzerland, while France was close to […]

Are translators and interpreters threatened by the arrival of the new Google Meet?

The field of new technologies is particularly profitable, and companies are investing, developing and innovating. In Switzerland, 22.9 billion francs were spent on research and development in 2019, which represents 3.15% of the national GDP and shows the importance that Switzerland attaches to development and innovation. So, after successive feats in terms of translation and […]

Biden & Poutin summit: what language did they communicate in?

The long-awaited summit between Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin shook up the news this week. After 36 years, the two great world powers met in Geneva and debated for more than 3 hours on various subjects such as the US presidential elections, hacking and cyber security operations, nuclear arms control, the Ukraine issue without forgetting […]

What are the challenges for our translators?

Translation problems can appear in many forms: lexical-semantic, grammatical, syntactic, rhetorical, pragmatic or cultural. Among the many issues, we have selected a few to help you understand the degree of difficulty our translators face. 1. Doing preliminary research Before starting a translation, translators begin by getting to grips with the broad outlines of the document […]