The long-awaited summit between Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin shook up the news this week. After 36 years, the two great world powers met in Geneva and debated for more than 3 hours on various subjects such as the US presidential elections, hacking and cyber security operations, nuclear arms control, the Ukraine issue without forgetting […]

Translation problems can appear in many forms: lexical-semantic, grammatical, syntactic, rhetorical, pragmatic or cultural. Among the many issues, we have selected a few to help you understand the degree of difficulty our translators face. 1. Doing preliminary research Before starting a translation, translators begin by getting to grips with the broad outlines of the document […]

ISO 17100 certification was created to guarantee the organisation and the level of requirements expected during a translation. It demonstrates a service provider’s ability to produce a certain quality and to respect procedures during all stages of a translation. A translation agency specialising in the legal field is committed to positioning a team of translators […]


Наша хартия конфиденциальности, состоящая из шести пунктов, гарантирует полную конфиденциальность в работе с клиентами.


SwissTranslate выполнит Ваш заказ на перевод профессионально и с сохранением полной конфиденциальности.


Бюро переводов SwissTranslate к Вашим услугам! Мы переведем любые Ваши документы с сохранением форматирования на более 40 языков.

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