There are over 7,100 languages in the world. In Europe more than 230 languages are spoken and more than 2,000 are spoken in Asian countries. In Papua New Guinea, with just 3.9 million inhabitants, more than 840 different languages are spoken! Of these languages, around 40% are threatened with extinction…   In all this diversity, […]

Translating your website is synonymous with communication. Indeed, with globalisation and the evolution of new technologies, companies have to adapt by developing online commerce and seeking to reach a wider target audience. In 2020, the share of online purchases as a proportion of retail purchases reached almost 70% for Switzerland, while France was close to […]

The field of new technologies is particularly profitable, and companies are investing, developing and innovating. In Switzerland, 22.9 billion francs were spent on research and development in 2019, which represents 3.15% of the national GDP and shows the importance that Switzerland attaches to development and innovation. So, after successive feats in terms of translation and […]


Наша хартия конфиденциальности, состоящая из шести пунктов, гарантирует полную конфиденциальность в работе с клиентами.


SwissTranslate выполнит Ваш заказ на перевод профессионально и с сохранением полной конфиденциальности.


Бюро переводов SwissTranslate к Вашим услугам! Мы переведем любые Ваши документы с сохранением форматирования на более 40 языков.

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