Digitalization for improved Quality and Efficiency at SwissTranslate

SwissTranslate is a Geneva-based Translation Agency which was founded in 2015 and that relies on a large network of more than 2’000 duly tested translators and 600 interpreters. They exclusively translate into their mother tongue, which enables them to provide excellent work to meet their clients’ needs.

Specialized in 8 different business areas with more than 40 languages, SwissTranslate experts are supervised by senior proofreaders and excel in managing urgent, large volumes, sworn or certified translations within global projects.

SwissTranslate’s 700+ clients are mainly located in Switzerland, Europe and North America.


SwissTranslate is a dynamic, fast growing company based on a business model that implies managing dozens of complex projects simultaneously. The Founders immediately identified the need for a tool that would give them optimal visibility on deals and projects, with easy access to both high level and detailed statistics on centralized, business-related data.

To make SwissTranslate’s work processes as efficient as possible, they wanted to streamline their sales process by handling quotes and generating leads via their website. At the same time, invoicing and payment tracking needed to be handled centrally as well, all of which could best be achieved with a cloud-based, scalable and reliable CRM system.


Salesforce was quickly seen as the “perfect match” CRM system and Nexell was selected to help SwissTranslate implement the project with complex and constantly evolving business requirements. With Nexell’s 15 years of profound knowledge in CRM projects, and as the first Salesforce certified implementation partner in Europe, SwissTranslate set the cornerstone for their competitive advantage in times of digital transformation.

All client data and business contacts needed to be structured, categorized and imported in Salesforce to enable staff members to access up-to-date, high-quality data and log / schedule activities, communication and project tasks aligned with their internal processes and requirements. Salesforce was to become the one-stop-shop for all daily activities at SwissTranslate, from Sales to Project Management.

The SwissTranslate website had to be integrated with Salesforce in order to optimize the lead generation process and collect quote requests automatically. Requests could therefore be managed very quickly in Salesforce and teams could easily and efficiently transition from Sales to Delivery and Invoicing.


Once Salesforce was deployed, SwissTranslate started their new competitive era in today’s digital world. Efficiency increased tremendously with the new supporting tools in place, which helps manage and update all contacts and data in one single system, including mobile, with concurrent access by the entire team.

The online quote request form as well as various automations, both helped SwissTranslate save time during their whole business process, allowing Sales representatives to dedicate more time to business development rather than to administrative tasks. SwissTranslate’s sales and invoicing process was automated thanks to pre-formatted email and documents templates. This was a big step towards increased efficiency, considering the fact that they manage more than 400 projects per month, the majority with tight deadlines.

For the Project Management team that is responsible for the coordination of all translation projects, assignment of resources (translators or revisors) has to be straightforward. Reliability and Responsiveness are key and the system allows Project Managers to continuously keep track of the quality of delivery, by analysing results and satisfaction ratings clients award to a project or to a translator. This rating system is applied after a project – to react proactively in case of negative feedback – but also before a project – to evaluate and find the “best fit”, based on the translator’s expertise, skills and experience.

The Salesforce Report & Dashboard functionality was key for the Management who required real-time, granular indicators on business activities, be it at corporate or individual level. Key Performance Indicators (calls per day, deals per month, projects per industry, etc.) were implemented and made available to staff members to provide them with all the tools they need to excel.

This technological adoption resulted in a breakthrough for SwissTranslate, as they can guarantee expertise and professionalism, as well as proximity and reactivity, despite the company’s fast growth rate. Setting the cornerstone for digitization was the best SwissTranslate could do to have the edge over the competition and Nexell is proud to be their partner of choice and help them be at the top.


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