Switzerland is one of the most industrialised and competitive countries in the world. It is the ideal environment for investors, maintaining close relations with research institutions, positioning the country as a leading location anywhere in Europe for establishing cutting-edge services and production activities.

Switzerland is one of those countries whose industrialisation started very early, thanks to pioneering entrepreneurs like Escher-Wyss, Georg Fischer and Rieter who, to begin with, were inspired by the English and then innovated with the help of leading engineers, and technicians.

Technology, industry and engineering are making great strides and technical translation needs have become essential in all these market sectors. Technical translation relies on highly specific documentation requiring specialised and multidisciplinary vocabulary.

When buying a household appliance or hi-fi equipment from an international exporter, how many times have you come across an incomprehensible manual or user guide?

Many of these goods are not systematically provided with technical user guides translated into a variety of languages, penalising exporting companies in many local markets.

SwissTranslate is a Swiss translation agency that guarantees the most comprehensive specific solutions in the Technical sectors (for example: patent translation, website translation).

To meet the highest quality standards, our senior technical translators all have many years of experience in translating in the field of software development, civil engineering, construction, machine tools, control and monitoring systems, product specifications, and logistics, etc.

SwissTranslate guarantees optimum quality for your technical translation by constantly remaining in tune with the market. Indeed, translation costs are reduced for the customer thanks to the use of translation memories (instructions, product information, user guides, training documentation, website translation…). This allows not only the reuse of work previously carried out, but also permits the implementation of glossaries and terminological memories for individual companies, enabling us to provide ever-more accurate technical translations.

Our linguistic teams only translate into their mother tongue and are specialists in their field.

To find out more about our tailor-made linguistic services, our technical experts are always available for you.

  • Examples of documents translated in the IT and Technology field:

    • Patents
    • Certificates
    • Product Information
    • Conditions of use
    • Conditions of installation
    • Training manuals
    • Troubleshooting guides
    • Standards
    • Technical instructions
    • Product presentations
    • Websites…
  • Examples of documents translated in the Industrial and Engineering field:

    • Brochures
    • Corporate communications
    • Machine tool user guides
    • Troubleshooting guides
    • Technical specifications
    • User guides
    • Safety regulations…


We apply a 6-point privacy policy which guarantees the confidential treatment of all your projects.


SwissTranslate looks after your entire translation project with professionalism and confidentiality.


The SwissTranslate Translation agency meets your needs by looking after your entire translation project as well as the page layout of all types of documents in more than 40 languages.

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