We have a service culture. In fact, we think that service excellence is perceived with the welcome, availability and personalised relationships that only trust and confidentiality can ensure.

Our Swiss translation agency is able to meet any translation and interpreting needs and boasts one of the most skilled databases of translators and interpreters in the world.

Our agency also offers copywriting, transcreation, proofreading, simultaneous and consecutive interpretation, as well as the certification of your documents.

We have offices in both Zurich and Geneva.

5 reasons for choosing our agency

  • Proximity

    Our project managers can meet you across Switzerland

  • Responsiveness

    We analyse all your project needs and are capable of dealing with large volumes to tight deadlines

  • Know-how

    Our translators are specialised in their field of translation and have developed real expertise

  • Professionalism

    We test all our translators and comply with a rigorous procedure throughout the translation of a project

  • Confidentiality

    Our clients can be pharmaceutical laboratories, law firms, legal departments or banks, leading us to reinforce the security of our document transfer and storage. Therefore, we have created a confidentiality charter into 6 points:

    1. Assessment of the document’s degree of confidentiality depending on the client’s project
    2. Storage of documents on dedicated servers
    3. Risk limitation, the documents do not leave Switzerland
    4. Deletion of documents on request: we store them on servers for only the time it takes to complete the project
    5. Signature of a non-disclosure agreement (NDA)
    6. Principles are complied with by all of our employees and suppliers via a rigorous selection procedure that fosters long-term relationships

The Swisstranslate team


Energetic, patient and determined, makes sure that sales targets are always achieved, an iron fist in a velvet glove!


Diplomatic and caring, he manages his projects with vigor and a great spirit!


Super-organized and rapid too, she manages projects with ease and eagerness!


Fiery and full of life, her cheerfulness wins everyone over!


Bookish, low-key and fascinated by ‘geek’ culture, he’s our penman!


Persevering, helpful and always smiling, everyone falls for her zest for life and infectious laugh!


Energetic and versatile, a pastry chef at heart, making her customers happy for her is a piece of cake!


Translator in the legal, health and IT fields. Meticulous, accurate and friendly, I have been translating for over fifteen years.
Translation languages: French-Italian, German-Italian, English-Italian.


Translator in the fields of marketing, economics and literature. Inquisitive and precise, I have eight years of translation experience.
Translation languages: French-Russian, English-Russian, Spanish-Russian.


Translator in the fields of medicine, nutrition and tourism. Experienced, reliable and with a confident feel for language, I have been working for more than fifteen years.
Translation languages: French-German, English-German, Spanish-German.


Translator in the communication, health and legal fields. Reliable, professional and passionate, I have twenty-two years experience in translation.
Translation languages: English-French, Italian-French.


Technical translator. Very committed, both in my professional and private life, I am positive and reliable. I have more than fifteen years working experience.
Translation languages: French-German, English-German.


Legal translator. Proactive, attentive and accurate, I have thirty years experience in translation.
Translation languages: English-French, Italian-French.


Translator in the legal, technical and marketing fields. Creative and passionate, I have fourteen years of experience in translation.
Translation languages: German-English, German-Russian, English-German, English-Russian, French-German, French-English, French-Russian, Russian-German, Russi...


Translator in the legal, tourism and marketing fields. Fun, resourceful and professional, I have been working for almost fifteen years as a translator.
Translation languages: English-Spanish, French-Spanish, Portuguese-Spanish.


Marketing translator. Positive, meticulous and addicted to coffee, I have been a translator for more than five years.
Translation languages: English-French, Russian-French.


Translator in the digital field. A lover of history and humanities, I have been translating for more than ten years.
Translation languages: French-Chinese, English-Chinese Simplified / Traditional.


Translator in the corporate, industrial and luxury fields. Always very thorough and passionate, I never chose the easy option or give in to solutions which are too obvious. I have been working for over twenty years.
Translation languages: English-French, Spanish-French.


Translator in the legal and economic fields. Passionate, meticulous and creative, I have been translating documents for twenty-five years.
Translation languages: French-German, French-Swiss German.


Translator in the fields of finance, watchmaking and communication. Hard-working, organised and friendly, I have been working as a translator for more than eight years.
Translation languages: Arabic-French, Arabic-English.


Legal, medical and marketing Translator. Passionate, committed and inquisitive, I have been translating for ten years.
Translation languages: English-Spanish, French-Spanish.


Translator in the tourism, cultural and luxury fields. Passionate, inquisitive, discerning, I have been translating for more than ten years.
Translation languages: French-Japanese, English-Japanese, Italian-Japanese.


Translator in the marketing, technology and finance fields. Always in a good mood and very approachable, I have been working for over fifteen years as a translator-interpreter.
Translation languages: German-French, English-French.


Rigorous and committed, attention to detail is her strength!


Peppy and methodical, he'll accommodate your every need without losing his sense of humour!


Bubbly and good-humoured, she is always keen to deal with your projects!


We apply a 6-point privacy policy which guarantees the confidential treatment of all your projects.


SwissTranslate looks after your entire translation project with professionalism and confidentiality.


The SwissTranslate Translation agency meets your needs by looking after your entire translation project as well as the page layout of all types of documents in more than 40 languages.

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