Transcreation is a portmanteau from the English language, combining translation and creation. In other words, transformation through creation.

Translation is an adaptation of the source text, whereas transcreation focuses on a message, on a feeling more suited to the target market.

It is mainly used in the advertising and marketing sectors.

This option is increasingly preferred by major Swiss and international brands.

Indeed, in transcreation, the feeling that one wishes to provide will move us away from the source text. The imagination that it requires allows us to create slogans or advertising texts which sell more and are more suited to the target audience.

Through “transcreation” or “creative translation”, you will be able to reach new markets more effectively. This is actually a process that may look like translation but actually requires much more energy, research and time.

Let us suggest some alternative terms and show you our creativity. This will allow you to have a bigger impact internationally.

The profile of the translator who can perform the transcreation is not insignificant: they are a native of the target country, with confirmed linguistic expertise, and they have a strong knowledge of the market. They are also comfortable with advertising and marketing texts.

  • "Localisation"

    is different from transcreation, as we do not necessarily adapt the subject matter (product, brand, software, etc.) to a particular culture. On the other hand, it may absolutely include transcreation.


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