With the globalisation of trade relations, we value the proximity that a message delivered in our language provides.

The interpreter complies with a code of ethics which stipulates, among other things, that they shall not reveal anything about the content of the interpretation (professional secrecy), that they shall not let their opinion or feelings shine through (neutrality) and that they shall not add or remove anything of the sense of what is said (fidelity to the message).

SwissTranslate can provide you with professional, specialised interpreters in our eight flagship business areas, including consecutive and simultaneous interpretation, and also the following specialist services: judicial, relay, chuchotage, and telephone.

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The choice of the type of interpreter will depend on the context in which the conversation is taking place and the type of situation.

Simultaneous interpretation

With simultaneous interpretation, the interpreter translates during the performance of the speaker. The message is conveyed at the same time, in a direct and immediate manner.

Commonly used during major multilingual events, conferences, and visits.

Often requires a partner to be able to take turns during the interpretation mission.

This saves time, when compared to consecutive interpretation.

This type of interpretation usually takes place with a microphone, headphones and soundproof interpretation booth.

Consecutive interpretation

With consecutive interpretation, the speaker speaks first, and only afterwards does the interpreter translate into the target language.

Used regularly in meetings, seminars, trade negotiations, or during visits.

This type of interpretation normally takes place without microphones, headphones or interpreting booth.


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