The pharmaceutical industry is an essential cornerstone of the economic environment and a real growth engine for the Swiss economy. Indeed, the medical industry is now ranked as the primary export industry. The development of this industry is generating more and more cutting-edge scientific translations.

Medical and pharmaceutical translations require meticulous attention to detail combined with expertise in the sector as well as strict compliance with regulations. A translation error in this field can have serious repercussions for patients and lead to legal action against businesses and professionals, whether end users, manufacturers or distributors of medical appliances or pharmaceuticals.

To meet the highest quality standards, SwissTranslate has significant expertise in the medical, biomedical and pharmaceutical field.

Our medical translators have excellent knowledge of the specialised vocabulary of the fields in which they operate, combined with genuine methodological rigour, covering every aspect from medical research to brochures, through to patents and the necessary authorizations prior to marketing. They all have many years experience in medical, pharmacological and biological translations. Finally, our linguistic experts only translate into their mother tongue and are highly specialised in their respective fields.

Translating all medical documents in all existing languages remains difficult; this is why our specialised interpreters have to intervene in some cases, for example with patient examinations, medical consultations, conferences, seminars and conventions.

Moreover, confidentiality agreements are always signed with all our co-workers, who undertake not to divulge any information regarding the translated documents.

To find out more about our tailor-made linguistic services as well as our pharmaceutical and medical translations, please send us your text via our online quotation request form and you will receive an accurate estimate within thirty minutes.

  • Examples of documents we translate:

    • Scientific articles
    • Case studies
    • Pharmaceutical brochures
    • Plastic surgery documents
    • User guides
    • Instructions for surgical instruments
    • Protocols
    • Pharmaceutical products
    • Medical reports
    • Presentations
    • Websites…

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