Switzerland offers its companies one of the highest levels of data protection in the world. It has more than 60 data centres enabling it to be placed fifth in Europe.

Its Data Protection Act is one of the most restrictive, since it prevents any administration from having access to personal information without the authorisation of a judge.

Hence, some foreign companies do not hesitate to relocate to Switzerland. World leaders in Internet network maintenance are leaving California’s Silicon Valley to move to Zurich.

Over the next 25 years this trend is only likely to increase: more and more global organisations and companies will seek to store their digital assets in Switzerland (intellectual property, trade secrets, etc.).

Our professional translation agency specialising in the field of IT is able to assist you in your multimedia multilingual communication in this international market.

Our senior translators and proof-readers in the field of new technologies and Big Data are able to meet all your translation needs.

The confidentiality of your documents is a priority at SwissTranslate. Thanks to our secure servers in Switzerland, we manage the risks linked to the leakage of sensitive information (copyright, respect for intellectual property, confidentiality of client data).

Thanks to our team, we are able to supply high volumes in short timeframes in the field of IT and technology, while guaranteeing you service of an optimal quality.

  • Examples of documents translated:

    • Technical patents
    • Service contracts
    • Technical datasheets
    • User guides
    • Software localisation
    • Website localisation
    • Software
    • Procedure manuals
    • Operating manuals
    • Standards
    • Technical leaflets
    • Business presentations

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