In an age of globalisation of borderless trade, how can one communicate efficiently?

Switzerland’s orientation towards a “service economy” ultimately seems to tie in quite sensibly with the country’s basic philosophy, that of quality. Indeed, Swiss companies already immersed in a multicultural environment (German, French and Italian), are able to generate added consumer interest by producing relevant information through the choice of relevant texts, colour and images.

Companies  today are able to leverage multilingual marketing and communication tools that allow them to respond to the competitive international environment and meet client needs in an appropriate, sustained manner.

SwissTranslate is a Swiss translation agency that has in-depth knowledge of the Communication and Marketing sectors. Our translators all have many years of experience in translating advertising texts, leaflets, synopses, press releases, product information, online advertising, market research, promotional material, SEO campaigns…

The message that you wish to convey to your clients through your different media requires translations that reflect your company’s values. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Our specialised translators help you to choose suitable terms for the promotion and marketing campaigns for your products. Get closer to your clients by communicating the right way!

By putting the expertise of our translators at your company’s disposal, you can provide added meaning to your communications.

We have experts and specific linguistic teams that translate only into their mother tongue and are specialists in their industries.

Don’t hesitate to contact us  to find out more about our tailor-made linguistic services that can cover your Marketing, Communication, Digital, Print and Tourism needs.

  • Examples of documents we translate:

    • Brochures
    • Advertising campaigns
    • Corporate communications
    • Contracts
    • Certified and sworn documents
    • Conference reports
    • Information sheets
    • Websites…


We apply a 6-point privacy policy which guarantees the confidential treatment of all your projects.


SwissTranslate looks after your entire translation project with professionalism and confidentiality.


The SwissTranslate Translation agency meets your needs by looking after your entire translation project as well as the page layout of all types of documents in more than 40 languages.